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Party Leader Jim North
Active Party Members Jim North
Founded May 25, 2005
Dissolved Never!
Political Ideology Anarchism, freedom for all, and pie
Party Mascot G
Party Motto Anarchy! Freedom! Revolution!

Party Outline

One of the three primary movers-and-shakers parties during the General Discussion Forum 2005 Presidential election, AnarchySpace stands for glorious freedom and the right to choose one's own destiny. AnarchySpace members do not believe that anyone should have been voted president, and party "leader" Jim North vowed to completely dismantle the presidential institution had he been elected.

Unfortunately, this did not come to pass. Instead, through devilish wickedry, the CommieSpace party claimed a victory that wasn't truly theirs to claim, considering that they weren't even a part of the tie that occurred during the first round of elections, and ended up in a tie with CapitalistSpace during the second round. As such, AnarchySpace members do not generally recognize the authority of the evil so-called "President" Bob. Not that they would have even if he'd actually won fair and square, mind.


Though AnarchySpace did not come to full realization until May of 2005, its true origins are much older. It all began when Baron von McDuffies set up his evil and oppressive empire, which sparked the great Revolution and nearly tore Keenspace in half. Among the revolutionaries and freedom fighters comprising the Rebel army, there was a small band of Anarchists fighting the good fight. This was really the first time they had grouped together in such a large force, and it instilled in them a purpose . . . to free all of Spacekind from the shackles of oppressive "leadership".

After the inconclusive ending of the Revolution, leading by default to the old regime's return to power, the Anarchists remained vigilant for any opportunity to destroy the foundation and spread Anarchy to all corners.

This opportunity presented itself when the great name change controversy came about, and AnarchySpace was born.

Party Infrastructure

Our erstwhile "leader", Jim.

True to their Anarchist ways, the good people of AnarchySpace have little need or want for regimented organization in their party. The closest thing they have to a chain of command is their founder and purely nominal party head, Jim North, who tries to lead more by example than actually telling anyone what to do.

All other members of the Anarchist tribe have no real titles or responsibilities unless they take them upon themselves of their own free will. This method, considering the unbalanced mental nature of many of the party's members, tends to have some very interesting results. Titles range from "Her Royal HAWTness" to "Bong Master" to "Acid Rip Kill'emup Captain". Likewise, the responsibilities the Anarchists tend to take up are very creative . . . there have been reports of people in charge of "tapping the Rockies", "eating yellow snow", "paper doll construction", "butterflies", and even "gathering the unknown substance", the exact nature of which is probably best left to the imagination.


Our signature symbol.

AnarchySpace members, as their name implies, follow the tenants of Anarchism. They believe that everyone should be allowed to make their own choices in life, post whatever they feel like posting, and generally live without some big dark specter of a president or what have you hanging over their heads.

They also promise pie, naked chicks, comfy chairs, and free mansex for all.

Current Activities

The AnarchySpace party is in prime position to take the 2007 election by storm. Already new recruits are being pulled into the flock, and propaganda is currently being released to the general public in the form of G for Genesis.

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