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Innocent Blood
Innocent Blood characters
Artist: Motoko
Writer: Godai
Characters: Jared, Connie
Updates: weekly
Began: July 1, 2006
Ended: does not apply
Art style: Comic book
Rating: NC-17
Website Website


In the Europe of 1920, while the continent heals its Great War wounds, a man wakes up in Paris, not sure why he is there and what for at all. Apparently about a year of his memories is missing.

In the capital of France, he meets a stray kitten, a teenage girl, who has her own issues and is surely not your usual next door girl.

They take off on a trek across Europe, trying to recreate his memories, only to find more mysteries. And the girl seems to have some sort of key to solve the riddle.


Prologue cover Innocent Blood: Prologue (started July 1)

Jared finds himself in Paris, lacking some of his memories. As a "birthday gift", he finds an extraordinary girl.

Innocent Blood Chapter One: Innocence Tarnished (currently being illustrated)

Still in Paris, the first set of mysteries is let loose, The Key surfaces and The Black Soldiers strike for the first time.

Innocent Blood Chapter Two: Innocence Defiled (awaiting illustration)

During their visit to Vienna, Jared's memories are yanked from the abyss of his amnesia. This deviates the current course of events and sets the duo on a train going further East.

Innocent Blood Chapter Three: Innocence Lost (currently being written)
Innocent Blood Chapter Four: Return to Innocence
Innocent Blood Chapter Five: Apocalypse Now
Innocent Blood: Epilogue
  • More descriptions coming with time


Major characters

Jared Jared - a man in his late twenties, perfect marksman, a natural born gunman, technically gifted. He has a military past from the whole period of World War I. His mission during that time appears to have been a failure. There are a few issues troubling him, one of which is hate to touch people.
Connie Connie - a girl in her mid-teens, troubled, aggresive, adventurous and blood-thirsty. She's in posession of the Key, which bears a symbol Jared is familiar with. Her origin is unclear, but the stories she heard from her mother might explain many of the riddles.

Minor characters

Coming with time.


The Innocent Blood project is the first epic feature from Worlds Nest Comic Studio.