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Lowroad 75
Artist: Carlos G
Writer: Carlos G
Characters: Natasha, Doompiggy, Nadja, Eugene
Began: November 8, 2003
Art style: Comic book
Website Website

Lowroad75 usually consist of random gags with the ocasional story arch involving Natasha and the people around her. Sometimes the humour turns to social and political satire with a definitive leftist point of view.

The Characters

Natasha Ramirez: The main character, a sweet and kind girl with a knack for rising zombies

Doom-Piggy: A perverted and annoying demonically possesed stuffed toy

Nadja Volochkova: Natasha's best friend. She seems to enjoy making Natasha feel awkward and tends to become violent very easily

Eugene Hampton: A slightly nerdy and geeky guy who recently started to date Natasha

Lula the succubus: A busty and seductive succubus that keeps trying to snatch Eugene from Natasha

Jessie Ramirez: Natasha's Sister, she loves R'n'B (much to Natasha's dismay) and tend to be very protective of her little sister

Evelyn: Natasha's cousin. Much older than Natasha, she sometimes takes the role of Natasha's second sister.

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