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Artist: User:Al Schroeder
Writer: User:Al Schroeder
Characters: Mindmistress, Lorelei, Vicki
Updates: MWF
Began: 2002
Art style: Comic book
Rating: PG
Website [Website

A super hero(ine) story, done absolutely straight---and hoping to do for the mentally disabled what Daredevil does for the blind, Prof. X for the wheelchair-bound, etc. A modern Athena, as Flash is a modern Mercury, Superman a modern Hercules, etc.

The Story

I THINK, THEREFORE I AM The origin. Her first appearance. How she got blackmailed---by herself---into becoming MM.

MILITARY INTELLIGENCE MM's first "name" villain, Bloodlust, a sort of uber-mercenary. A super-soldier who is not sympathetic.

BRAIN STORM Anyone remember the Fantastic Four fighting Sub-Mariner? Water-based opponents make for good stories. What would a real undersea colony be like? And how would even MM stop a tsumani? You'll see....

MALICE AFORETHOUGHT MM meets her superior---someone who's smarter than she is, in fact considers her as "mentally challenged" as most people do Lorelei. What do you do when someone can trump your only specialty?

STOLEN IDEAS What happens when someone steals your ideas---and turns them against you? With absolutely the most chilling end of any MM villain, so far.

HORRIBLE THOUGHTS Interdimensional hijinks, semi-Lovecraftian, and with tons and tons of other webcomics characters as guest stars.

IT'S JUST YOUR IMAGINATION... MM learns she has a hyper-imagination too---and gets lost in it. Perhaps the most heartwrenching story of all, as she finds her heart's desire---a society she can fit into---and loses it, too.

SIEGE MENTALITY This is the most heartwrenching story for Lorelei, not MM. Return of Bloodlust, and introduction of a "Moodmistress"---Moodswing.

MIRACULOUS MINDSET Sometimes intelligence isn't enough. Not when your opponent has access to unmatchable materials with miraculous properties. In this, MM fights without gadgets, armor, and almost without clothes---although no real nudity, she's covered in mud.

Trust me. It makes sense in context of the story.

[1] A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS---A shorter one, how a superhero would really treat a bank robber.

INTERLUDE #3 --- Quickies all.

CONCENTRATING FORCEFULLY The return of Forethought. A villain who dwarfs all the others. All that and a new ally.

MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE a lot of background to the Lyons family, and MM's greatest far.


Warning: some spoilers

Main Cast

Character Bio/description
MINDMISTRESS The heroine. If I.Q. tests were reliable much above 200, she would have one of 794. She can recall every phone number in a phone book once she's scanned it, and reads twelve books daily. A breathtaking ultra-intelligence who has made great advances in many fields, many decades or centuries ahead of our time, her other identity is...
LORELEI LYONS Mentally-challenged woman with an I.Q. of 66. She works in a pet shop, much to her father's annoyance. Good with animals.
VICKI Mindmistress' computer/hologram/A.I., a Virtual Information Computer Knowledge Interface, the computer of your dreams. Can bypass any firewall or on-line system. Shows up as the holographic image of an angel, but can change that at will.
EZEKIEL "LIGHTNING" LYONS A millionare power magnate, his net worth is in the hundreds of millions. Resents not having Lorelei at home, protected. Ruthless in business, he's dying to get his hands on Mindmistress' technology. Of course, he doesn't know...
VANESSA LYONS Ezekiel's current wife, she tried to have him "accidentally" killed during an arranged "kidnapping". He didn't press charges against her, but changed his will so he was more valuable to her alive than dead.
DR. PRUDENCE LYONS Ezekiel's first wife, and Lorelei's mother. A neuro-biologist, she and her research team tried to develop a portable M.R.I. type scanner. Instead it strengthened the thought impules' ability to leap synapses and get to neurons. Unfortunately, after two weeks, it killed the subject as neuron growth becomes uncontrollably cancerous. (Shorter periods are fine, though.) She died in a car accident when a drunk driver plowed into her car.
DETECTIVE PERCY LOVELACE A very tough detective, in spite of...perhaps because of...his name. Accompanied MM on an adventure, knows of her existence, but owes his meeting his new wife to her, so keeps it quiet. MM's contact among the police.
MR. HARDY Lorelei's employer, runs the pet shop. He keeps the books, runs the register, while Lorelei does more of the handling of the animals. She's excellent with them, and doesn't complain about the kitty litter and such.
L.A. Helps several mentally disabled people maintain their own living quaters, including Lorelei. One of the reasons Lorelei no longer lives in a group home. She stops by once a day, helps order the apartment and makes sure clothes are washed, there's enough food in the fridge, that sort of thing.
ULYSSES SHORE Goverment agent; secret agent; works under Colonel Minton. Happily married to a woman named Penelope. Aware of MM's existence, although can't prove it.

Uneasy Enimies, Unlikey Allies

Character Bio/description
BLOODLUST Real name, Wolfgang March. A living advertisement for his sister's munitions business, and the world's foremost mercenary. Rather loves the actual process of bloodletting, revels in it---but personally cowardly when he himself is threatened. He was MM's first "name" adversary, and the first one to fight a return bout, albeit with Moodswing's help.
TIDAL WAVE Real name: Dylan Steed. A former business partner of Ezekiel Lyons, he was practically Lorelei's "uncle". A visionary who wants mankind to spread along the seafloor, an operation with a special plastic filter enables he and his fellow colonists to breathe underwater. He also found, in his undersea researches, a tool from an ancient civilization which can create earthquakes and seaquakes and tidal waves. Not evil, but near-fanatical, he is not easily dissauded from his goals.
FORETHOUGHT Dr. Elijah Burns. Worked on the same project with MM/Lorelei's mother that resulted in MM, and since he was not mentally challenged to begin with, when he tried it himself, became even smarter than MM. I.Q. is estimated at about 1500. With his intellect, can see patterns in history, in what will happen, that no one else can see. Working to stop a coming Dark Age, and not above using MM to get his goals done. Well-meaning, but secretive and manipulative.
ANANSI Anansi Webb. Born in raised in apartheid South Africa, been making a life as a hacker, thief, and occasional murderess since adulthood. Her name came from her housekeeper, who thought Anasi, the trickster spider of African myth, was a pretty name---and Anansi's parents agreed. Managed to steal some of MM's most dangerous inventions, and learn all of MM's secrets.

Now is in the custody of an insane asylum, under the MM-induced delusion she's a spider.

May Duran; once Dylan Steed's (Tidal Wave's) lover, a supermodel who fell in Mindmistress' "catwalk"---and ended up as a "pandimensional" to perceive simultanously, three or four different realities at once. Recruited by two other lonely "pandimensionals", they ended up a threat to Mindmistress personally and our entire reality. In the process of fighting them, the Horror lost her body---but her life-essense was imprisoned in a "soulcage" to further advise the other two Ladies.
HATRID This one's kind of complicated---this is a personification of MM's id, made manifest in a fantasy world of her neohuman imagination, combined with her animus. Craftier than humans, yet much more emotion-driven than MM. A personification of every malicious and cruel thought MM ever had, given full rein without restraint. Made manifest in this world thanks in part to Vicki's well-intentioned meddling, he is now a digital being like Vicki, able to control machines, databases, etc. He is now surfing on hot magma, afraid to escape from the prison MM devised for him.
MOODSWING A sort of "Moodmistress". Horribly disfigured in a sea accident, she was given a symbiotic and empathic "skin" by Forethought. (See above.) Too made her sense the emotions of others, and respond to them, whether she wanted to or not. Given a belt by a mysterious donor that enables her to control the emotions of others, she can influence the emotional makeup of others, making them, for instance, hopelessly devoted to her. Bloodlust has been her lover, and she has partnered with him occasionally.
MIRACULOUS or just SMITH Tossed out of a window as a young man, he survived disfigurement and inability to walk unassisted, he discovered the remains of an ancient meteorstrike...laced with elements that were the remnents of a twin supernova, elements much higher and stranger in property than any others found in nature. Brilliant, antisocial, somewhat paranoid--he and Mindmistress have reached a rough understanding, but he's the only one who can use technology in ways she cannot anticipate.
FORCEFUL Dan Bowman---an actor with spinal damage, his brother is a mentally-challenged friend of Lorelei's. Famous for playing the star in a superhero film, THE ULTIMATE. MM discovered a process that could improve a human's strength a hundredfold, speed tenfold, but the changes in the spine that would result in being able to lift tons above their head would also speed up the impulses going into the brain, driving someone mad almost immediately...unless they had spinal damage, which would slow the process. Excess heat is released via glowing gases from hs eyes. A self-described super-strong sidekick, (able to leap three hundred feet straight up or lift tons over his head), created by MM to help her occasionally. Every time he undergoes the change, he heals a little more
MAN-MOUNTAIN: Kun Wei Tai Trapped as the controlling intelligence of a Chinese Norad-like base in the Tibetian mountains, able to rule and reshape the mountain as if it were his own body, able to sense through telescopes, both optical and radio, missiles as easy to flex as throwing a punch would be to you and me. An old friend of Forethought's.


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