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Pinky TA
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Artist: Michael John Morris
Writer: Morris John Morris
Characters: Pinky and Cc
Updates: Weekly
Began: early 2004
Ended: not yet
Art style: Adventure story
Rating: Web MA
Website Website

Pinky TA is a semi-serious webcomic written and illustrated by Michael John Morris (alias Ozoneocean). It began in early 2004, starting on Drunk Duck and then expanding onto Comic Genesis (Keen Space at that stage), and finally onto it’s on site. The style is an action/adventure graphic novel with the occasional bit of comedy thrown in. The pages are full colour, portrait format; the art style is similar to that seen in Heavy Metal magazine.


Pinky TA is set in an alternative 1920’s. It follows the adventures of the titular heroine (Pinky), as she first arrives on the battleship “Buccaneer” and then later travels to the deserts of Tunisia and North Africa to do battle for the Crimean empire against French colonial occupation forces. Her prime antagonist is the female spy and assassin: Cc.

The world of Pinky TA

Pinky’s country of origin is the Crimean Empire; it occupies a small part of Western Russia and the Ukraine, it holds sway in most of Eastern Europe. At the time of events depicted in Pinky TA the Crimean Empire and the countries that side with it are at war with Western Europe and their colonies. The Scandinavian countries to the North are Neutral, all others are uninvolved.

Character info

Pinky is the Main Character, she has a very striking look. Pinky’s appearance reflects her background. She’s a Colonel in the Imperial Crimean Cavalry (armoured), her parents were aristocrats and that helped her gain her commission. Officers in the cavalry have a penchant for flamboyant outfits to reflect their status and class, so most of Pinky’s style comes from there (the sexes are fairly equal in the Crimean Empire). But she also did a lot of her early training in parts of Africa, so some of her affectations like the earplates were picked up from the peoples she came across there. Pinky sees nothing wrong with her sexuality, she’s like Dolly Parton in that way: happy in her skin and she likes to make the most of herself, not really caring about how others see her.

Cc is the next most important character. Cc is quite different from Pinky, she uses her sexuality consciously and resents Pinky’s thoughtlessness. She’s Pinky’s nemesis because Pinky is opposite in so many ways: Cc’s not an aristocrat, she’s a spy not a soldier, a fierce patriot, a conformist, and she’s an officer in the rather more conservative Imperial Crimean Navy. Pinky loves life and individual freedom while Cc loves her country and against that the lives of others mean nothing. They have different ways of looking at the world that don’t endear their personalities to each other.


Pinky TA began life as an art project by Michael John Morris in 1997 as a narrative series of paintings featuring three main characters: Pinky TA, Cc, and Vlad. With the encouragement of one of his art lecturers he put the story into a comic format. In 2004 he finally decided to pursue the project as a webcomic. Since that time it has continued solidly.

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