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Writer: Recon Dye
Updates: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Began: June 2, 2003
Art style: Sprite comics, Pokémon, Comedy
Rating: Pokémon-X is usually in the top 30, of TopWebComics
Website Website

Pokémon-X is a webcomic created by Recon Dye, in June of 2003. The author has since started a project to redo his original 100 comic pages, with improved quality techniques he uses in his current ones.

Pokémon-X's sprites come from the game Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, some sprites are custom made, and some are recolors made for variation. The author of this comic changes around the battle system from the game, but the mechanics are still there.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Pokémon-X Follows the story of four adventures, Brendan, May, Wally and Rocky as they travel through the land of Hoenn on various "missions" and are engulfed in an evil plot by two organizations, Team Aqua and Team Magma, to change the world as they see fit.

Like most comics about video games, the characters are subject to the rules of their programmed universe, where the laws of physics don't apply to general life, ledges can't be climbed, tall grass holds creatures that are invisible until they attack, and buildings are always larger inside, than they appear outside.

As in the game, our hero Brendan Richards is moving to Hoenn, a large isolated island far away from his birthplace in Johto, After arriving in Littleroot Town Brendan meets his neighbors, May, who due to fate, have a love/hate relationship because Brendan happened to walk in her as she was changing clothes, and Prof. Birch, Hoenn's leading Pokémon Researcher.

After rescuing Prof. Birch from an angry Poochyena, Brendan is told he may have what it takes to become a Pokémon Master, and his first mission is to bring May back home from her research assignment, upon doing so he helps rescue the poochyena that he battled previously, he drops it off at the local Pokémon Center and returns with May back home, the next morning he is given his new assignment, after acquiring his trainer's license and the poochyena which overnight was the target of an attack by Team Aqua and Team Magma he proceeds to Petalburg City to help a young trainer named Wally, catch his first pokémon, a pokémon to accompany him on his way to Verdanturf Town to live with his uncle.

When the Poochyena is brought out for its first battle, everyone notices a change. He no longer is grey, but now holds a golden color, due to Team Aqua and Magma using two seperate specimens of the Pokémon Virus on it. The Poochyena exhibits other odd signs, like the ability to use an attack called "Random" which enables it use a random attack for the rest of the battle, later that day it is discovered that the poochyena has the ability to speak, and from then on it's name is Rocky, by it's choosing.


Even though the characters of this comic are taken out of a video game, Recon Dye has given them personalities and quirks, here's a list of the main characters and various aquaintances.


Brendan is the main character of the game, and like most male heroes, he's as dumb as rocks, or so it appears. Brendan is the son of Norman, a Gym Leader in Petalburg City, Brendan moved to Hoenn from Johto.

Brendan's Party:

Pokémon in Storage


May is the brains of the group, being the daughter of a pokémon researcher, she has grown up around the scientific approach to pokémon, and attempts to lead her life with such an approach, she has a huge crush on Brendan for some reason, but is often frustrated by Brendan's ignorance.

May's Party


Wally is a sickly boy, or that's what his psychotic mother thinks. When Wally was younger he had a slight immunity problem which has since healed, but his mother still expect Wally to die at any moment, Wally's doctor suggested Wally leave home for a while to live in a place with fresh air, away from his mother, it just so happens that Wally's Aunt and Uncle live in such a place, Verdanturf Town.

Wally's Party


Rocky is your average everyday Mightyena, except he's golden, has the ability to talk and can use a special attack called Random (which is essentially a variation of Metronome, the chosen attack stays until end of battle or when rocky is called from battle). Rocky was a normal poochyena, one day a human researcher was bothering him, so he retaliated by chasing him around, then along came a white haired human, who commanded a Torchic who hurt him pretty bad, so he fled, a while later he was found by this nice female human who tended his wounds, then the stupid white haired human showed up again, and Rocky blacked out. He awoke after some strange organism invaded his body, and saw two strange human villians in the darkness, then an angry pink-haired, female human came in and scared them off. Rocky went back to sleep only to be converted into energy and stored inside a pokéball, while energy the pokérus easily transmogrified his body, later Rocky was summoned out of his pokéball, with a shiny golden coat and super-poochyena strength, later that day he found out he was able to communicate in the human tongue, and dubbed himself Rocky, from his favorite movies he watched somehow. After battling many foes, Rocky finally evolved into a Mightyena, a more powerful golden pokémon.



In addition to the webcomic, Recon Dye also has incorperated a Pokédex into the site. He uses Macromedia Flash to show you all of the Pokémon that have been seen and caught in the comic so far. In one of the comics, all of the pokédex's were linked together so they wouldn't have to all catch the same pokémon to fill it out, Brendan's Pokédex is the one shown on the site, but technically it's a mixture of everyone's.


In August 2003, Recon created the Pokémon-X Forums at Proboards, since then Recon has met several persons there, who have helped him making the comics.

The forums used to have a pretty nice text based RPG, where trainers who were either born in Hoenn, or arrived in Hoenn could trace the steps of Brendan and May, but the RPG died, because Recon didn't have enough to make comics, AND run the RPG.

Criticism and praise

In its beginning, Pokémon-X had criticism about it's dithrered images, due to the fact that the author did not have the programs he uses today to make the more high-quality comics. But around the 100th comic, the quality improved when Recon Dye recieved PaintShop Pro 8.0 from a fan, since then another fan has donated Paint Shop Pro 9.0.

Pokémon-X is usually in the top 30 position on and maintains that area's position monthly, although it has made it into the top 10 briefly, it has been known to be in the high teens as well.

Other criticism of Pokémon-X claims that it uses crude sexual jokes and hentai to gain an audience, but there has been no nudity, or "sprite nudity" in the comic and the only sexual humor has been a situation where Brendan walked in on May while she was changing.


  • August 15th of 2002, Recon begins making comics called Pokémon-X a sprite comics based of Pokémon Yellow, featuring Ash Ketchum, a gangsta wannabe pokémon trainer, and Pikachu, a talking pikachu, after 25 pages, Recon decided he'd rather use the graphics of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.
  • May 17th of 2003, Recon begins making comics called Pokémon-X again, these comic use the sprites from Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire.
  • June 2nd of 2003, Recon begins posting the Pokémon-X comics on Keenspace.
  • September 13th of 2003, Recon's 23rd birthday, in the birthday comic, you get a slight hint that Rocky can talk
  • October 31st or 2003, Recon makes a halloween comic, with an odd character hanging aroudn Brendan and May, this character is Wally, this was a month before Wally actually appeard in the comic.
  • December 14th of 2003, Recon decided to update every day for the last 3 weeks of December, in order to have comic #100 on the last day.
  • January 2nd of 2004, Recon has computer problems and can't make any more comics.
  • March 11th of 2004, Recon's computer gets fixed and he resumes making comics to catch up.
  • April 7th of 2004, Recon's computer breaks again and Recon can't make comics.
  • May 15th of 2004, Recon gets a new computer, but no longer has the drinve to make comics.
  • June 19th of 2004, Recon gets inspired again, when he realizes he made a promise to make a birthday comic for his friend Raldok of Star Trek Shorts.
  • September 13th of 2004, Recon finally gets caught up, making all of the comics he missed over the last few months.
  • December 29th of 2004, Brendan recieves his first Gym Badge, the Stone Badge, in page #249
  • September 9th of 2005, Brendan recieves his second Gym Badge, the Knuckle Badge, in page #353
  • January 1st of 2006, Pokémon-X's URL changes from to