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Comic Name: Rangers!

Author: Lanin D. Thomasma


Lauched: January 31, 2005

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In a place as big and diverse as space, one planet's police force just can’t handle the task of keeping order. Unipol is an independent body, which works along both diplomatic and legal lines, mediating where necessary and policing where called for. The Corps of Rangers is Unipol’s longest arm – bringing order where the Law can’t reach.

The Founder of Unipol is the mysterious G.T. Rumors abound about the origin and heritage of this shadowy figure, but in fact, nothing is known about him, his diplomatic channels, or how he finances this interstellar agency.

Cast of Characters

    Captain Trek Baxter

Trek commands the Corps of Rangers. Fearless, resourceful, intelligent and cool-headed, he prefers to be on the front lines of a case. Trek balances a fierce loyalty to Unipol and to G.T. with a strong independence and a sense of initiative.

    Lt. Dr. Eve Adams

Eve holds doctorate degrees in numerous disciplines, and is a leader in the field of lingistics.


Citizen of the planet Watership 5, Orwell-Ta is a Leporid, a hybrid race resulting from gene-splicing experiments by a crew of a space shuttle lost centuries ago.


Very little is known about Thrangaar’s planet of origin (that will change in a future storyline). He has led a number of different lives, on both sides of the law, and has seen parts of the universe most people have never even heard of.

Casebook #1, "The Captives of Kitarrh", was completed in February of 2006. Casebook #2, "The Earth Preserve", is anticipated in April 2006.