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A Shocking Revelation

Main competition to Comic Genesis. i.e. Our common enemy, arch-nemesis, best friend.

No seriously. We are totally declaring war on you guys. How does next Sunday, at around... 4? Sounds good for you?

Known Drunk Duck sympathizers (traitors)

  1. K-Dawg
  2. Komiyan
  3. Eunice P - I Come From Mars
  4. Jenny Breeden - The Devil's Panties
  5. Tom Truszkowski - Station V3 and Z7

It's WAR!

(Complete article on CG vs. DD War jam)

Notable Drunk Duck Combatants:

But seriously folks...

Drunk Duck is a younger entry into the free webcomics hosting biz. Supposedly, they're a bit more restrictive with their own site: Inital users are only allowed to post a webcomic on their sites, and you don't get a full domain name unlike CG (you get a directory). They're just switching over to what CG has always had: (near)full customization of their sites. They have a heavy reliance on alcoholic beverages as an in-joke, and it's unknown if any of their admins actually has a webcomic on their system, or how accessible they are.

Unbeknownst to many CG users however, DrunkDuck users had been able to customize their site for over a year now, possibly longer. All admins on the site have a webcomic of their own and with the exception of Duck and Quail (which were posted on the front page itself) all have archives at DrunkDuck.

But why would you want to deal with crazy inebriated water fowl? Half of them are running through detox anyway.

Some CG artists mirror their comic over there... with mixed success.

The "war" here was a comic jam, common on Comic Genesis, that spread to DrunkDuck. Although it ended as a stalemate as both sides gradually stopped drawing and left the battlefield without closure, the Drunk Duck site and forums crashed and were obliterated from the internet (now back); so the official word here is that we won.

POWs and Defectors

Ever since the war a number of the enemy Duck combatants stayed behind and became a welcome addition to the CG community. Among them were: