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Description and History of Mooman

Avatar Images

Full Body Pics

History in CG Jams

  • Battle Royale 2
    • Began as n00bie on the run, then formed a reporting team with Sippan, before finally ending up in Limbo, then being forcibly ejected from it.
  • KeenReality
    • Was the host of KeenReality TV, constantly under pressure from the studio execs and from the contestants, who he practically lived with and who became his friends.
  • Revolution
    • Was a reporter working for a Baron-controlled news station. As a commentator, he was something of a waffler.
  • Presidential
    • Was on the Run from RYClaude until he saved everybody from destruction.
  • DD War
    • Showed off his Jewels a lot.
  • G for Genesis
    • The Voice of Keenspace City, a hardcore right wing propagandist.

History in non-CG Jams

Ate a haddock once. T'was nice.

Character Analysis (for Jams and fun-poking)

Stat Box
Fighting Ability Deadly drumstick spin of death.
Sexual Deviancy Has never been brought up... so... Bob category?
Relationships Just he and his guitar.
Notable Skills News reporting, music making and, of course, RAWKing!
Physical Details Details are sketchy cause he's almost never seen anymore.

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