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Description of Rickford

Rickford is short, noseless, and sports a white long-sleeve shirt, usually accompanied by a Superboy t-shirt just visible underneath. It has been known to be replaced by other such superhero t-shirts, dependant on the mood.

Avatar Images

Shocked rickford avatar.jpg Rickavatar01.jpg SupermarioRickford.gif Dr who tennant.jpg Green lantern rickford.jpg

Full Body Shots

History in Jams

Apartment Jam - Was eaten by Grumpy. But then, who wasn't?

Character Analysys

Stat Box
Fighting Ability Has a nigh on indestructible face and head. Personally invented the 'headbuppercut'.
Sexual Deviancy Is known to smear people with jam. Nobody knows what is done with the jam afterwards, or where it came from to begin with.
Notable Skills Zen violence. (Never ever actually angry, merely hideously violent.)
Physical Details Short stature, short pronged hair, noseless, wears a t-shirt under a white shirt. English.