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The Most Frequently Asked Questions

I can't see the images on Comic Genesis!

Please see the Images, Anti-Hotlinking, and Norton Guide.


  • Kelly? He's one of the admins. He also goes by the aliases "STrRedWolf" or just "RedWolf."
  • Kisai? She's the admin who wrote every utility you use, or malleted something existing(like the wiki) into working on ComicGenesis.
  • Ping? She's one of the Wranglers on the forums and listserv.
  • Faub? He's another one of the Wranglers.
  • McDuffies? He's also one of the Wranglers.
  • Mercury Hat? She's one of the forum admins
  • Teri, Chris, Nate, or Darren/Gav? They are the KeenSpot Four, the founders (and current owners) of Comic Genesis.
  • Joel? He did our logo, and the new front page

The Comic Genesis Service

Questions about copyright, what CG allows in the comic it hosts, the conditions, space limits etc.

What is Comic Genesis/Keenspace?

Comic Genesis is KeenSpot's free comic hosting service, run by comic authors for comic authors. Launched in 2000 as KeenSpace, and relaunched in 2005, Comic Genesis hosts over 6000 fresh, raw, new, experimental, and even established webcomics since the turn of the century.

What Does Comic Genesis Offer?

  • Free, unlimited hosting -- No space limitations, little-to-none restrictions on content, and the freedom of your own website design. Fifty comic images on a page? No problem. Use Flash for drawing? Come on aboard. All we ask you is to carry an ad banner.
  • Built-in content management -- No need to update your page everyday. Let our autoupdate engine do it! It's the same one KeenSpot uses.
  • Free forums -- Get your own, hosted on our forum server.
  • Community support -- We've been around since the turn of the century, and many folks have stuck with us to help you out.
  • Your own subdomain --
  • Multiple alternative domain options - Don't like * We also offer alternative domains such as * * and *

What Do I Have to Do to Get a Comic Genesis Account?

You need to have an original comic that does not infringe copyrights. That's all. Skill level is not a problem.

How Do I Sign Up?

You may sign up for a comic here.

Does Comic Genesis allow Photo/3D/Sprite comics?

Yes we do, as long as none of the content violates any copyrighted material. This means that we cannot allow comics that make use of art that is copyrighted by other companies.

For example, making a comic using Mario or Megaman sprites is not allowed, because it violates the copyrights of the parent company, and Comic Genesis may be put in a precarious legal position because of that. Original sprites that you make from scratch yourself, however, are 100% ok -- an example is Diesel Sweeties.

Does Comic Genesis Allow Google Ads?

No. This is because the company that does ads for Comic Genesis, Burstnet, already gets feeds from Google Ads. Also keep in mind that BurstNet's TOS and Google Ad's TOS prohibit displaying competitors ads.

Using Comic Genesis

Questions about how to use CG, problems with image and hotlinking etc

Can I use my CG account to host files unrelated to my webcomic?

No. This violates the AUP. That includes any audio or video file (with the exception of Flash), any executable, or warez.

More specific, only content that is specificly related to your comic may be hosted. Video is not allowed under any circumstances (Try ), audio may be allowed if it's in OGG Vorbis format and under 2MB. The general rule is that your comics should take 90% of the disk space.

Can I use my CG account to host a banner for my webcomic? It's in my signature of a forum account!

There's a few rules concerning banners:

  1. If you're using our banner exchange program, then yes.
  2. If you're posting only on our forums, then yes.
  3. Otherwise, no, you'll run into our hotlinking protection.

Why is anything in /images not being pulled from a third party site?

We kept burning bandwidth, and folks kept abusing /workspace/images. We've locked it down so that you must refer to it on your webpages or the Comic Genesis forums.

I can't save my favorite webcomic using this comic ripper program!

That's because you didn't pay us.

Comics on Comic Genesis rely on the cash the ads bring in to pay for their hosting. If you just yank the comic images, you in essence "steal" the comic, and eventually Comic Genesis will have to shut down. It also is in violation of the artist's copyright on the webcomic itself.

Kelly (one of the admins) is investigating interfacing a Konfabulator widget with KeenSpot Premium, so you can access those images for the price of paying for the bandwidth yourself. It's only at most $4 a month, damn cheap!

Comic Genesis Wiki

How do I get an account to edit the Comic Genesis Wiki?

You must have a Comic Genesis Forum account to get a login for the Wiki, and you need three or more posts in the forums.

My forum login doesn't work!

If you have odd characters in your forum login name, such as '_' or '-', then the name system might have some problem. PM Mercury Hat or Kisai to fix.

How do I add images?

Simply click "Upload file" on the left-hand menu, upload an image from your computer, fill in all the required fields, and your image will be put on the Wiki's server.


  • Image filesizes should not be too large, please keep it under 130kb or so.
  • Ensure your image has a unique filename. Instead of "banner.jpg", give it a name like "comicname_banner.jpg".
  • Only upload images when necessary and use them sparingly in an article.

Comic Genesis Forums

Must I have a Comic Genesis account to be able to join the Comic Genesis Forums?

No. Posters from everywhere are welcome. All we ask is you follow the forum rules and respect the admins and moderators.

Why did my forum account disappear?

There are a lot of spam-bots and such that, despite best efforts, still manage to sign up for the forums. A common feature of these fake accounts is that they are registered but don't post. As such, a script is run every so often that deletes forum accounts which have not made any posts.

In order to avoid having your forum account deleted, make at least two posts somewhere in the forums. Don't make a "I'm just posting for no reason" post. Just have a quick look through the Off Topic section and respond to something. If you don't want to do that, go to the Help Center and post in the "Can't log into the CGWiki?" thread - that one is specifically for making posts purely to enable forum accounts.

EDIT (Jan 2010): The OT section of the forums are locked and there are now two threads in the General Discussions section for this very purpose; "by STrRedWolf: Say "Hello!" in General Discussion introduction thread, and fuzzle McDuffies in Off Topic [again has since been moved to the GD area of the forums]) in order to get into SiteAdmin PLUS..."

Comic Genesis Mailinglist

What is it?

Comic Genesis holds a Yahoo! Group called, apropriately, "Comic Genesis". Kelly and Ping (one of the Wranglers) keeps an eye on it. It is a moderated group.

Why is it moderated?

Spammers. Too many of them. Kelly holds mallet practice on them.

But I'm a comic author! Why are my posts moderated?

Because Kelly nor Ping doesn't know that. However, if you regularly post good list email, your account may be switched to "Unmoderated" status instead of having to be approved by the two every time.

Does this mean I have to watch my tongue or...

No. Kelly and Ping are only looking for spammers abusing the list. If you're not a spammer, and you're not advertising like one, then you're good to say what you want.

Who actually "owns" the mailling list?

Kelly does, now. It used to be Teri Crosby (one of the KeenSpot Four), but she's very busy now.