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Active Dropdowns


Keenime - based off of a manga style

DropColor.jpg - comics in colour

Dropfurry.jpg - furry comics

DropGrey.jpg] - comics in monochrome


KeenElven - elves

DropBlood.gif - vampires

Dropfurry.jpg - anthropoids

Glbt2.jpg - otherly oriented characters

DropHero.jpg - superheros

DropShift.gif - shapeshifters

DropDead.gif - the rest of the undead

Deadspace.jpg - the Dead, the undead, or the dying


KeenCombat - violent comics

KleenSpace - G rated

Actuality - slice of life comics

AdultSpace - contains adult material

DropFantasy2.gif - fantasy

DropHero.jpg - superhero comics

DropScifi2.jpg - science fiction

DropCreate.jpg - unique worlds


LazySpace - for the lazy workers

Glbt2.jpg - otherly oriented authors/artists

DropSleep.jpg - night owls

DropWriters.jpg - story writers


WEE: Webcómics en Español - Webcomics in Spanish

DropDaily.jpg - daily updates

Zombie Dropdowns

Zombie Dropdowns, are Dropdowns, that are still active, in the sense that comics contained in the dropdowns, are still active and still contain the scripts for said dropdown, but are no longer accepting new comics to join for what ever reason.

Mostly Dead




Keen Heroines

KeenQuest - Characters with a Purpose

KeenSpace 100+ - Comics with over 100 pages


NEOSpace - Artists from North East Ohio

Rocket City Keen - Artists from Huntsville, Alabama Area

Soul Keen Elite - Artists with Artists' Spirit

Starting to Smell

Dropdown Directory 2.0

DarkSpace - Dark and serious themes

Fake ID Space - Comics by Artists Under 18

Freaky Fashion - Name describes self

God Save the Keen - Artists from the British Commonwealth

GothiKeen - Gothic Characters or Themes

Hentai Keen - Sex Anime/Manga Style

Keen@Work - Workplace Humor

Keendom Dungeons - Fantasy, Magic, Medieval

KeenFlash - Comics Made with Flash Software

KeenLosers - Comics No One Reads

Keenology - Science-Based Humor

Keen Party - Political Content

KeenShadow - Despair and Hopelessness

Monospace - Minimalist Comics

Mystery/Adventure - Name describes self

NiceGuy Space - Where Nice Guys Finish Last

OtherLife Keen - Reincarnated Characters

RealSpace - Real Life Characters

RedSpace - Anti-Capitalism

Smells Like Keen Spirit - Mainstream Outcast Characters

TurboCool - Embarassingly Titled Webcomics Conglomerate

University of Keen - College/University Comics


Dropdown Depot 1.0

ChristSpace - For Christan cartoonists

ColorSpace - Comics in Color

Epic - Comics with a Continuous Storyline

EvilKeenEvil - Strips that reinforce that old adage, "Evil always wins, because good is dumb."

FemmeSpace - For Keen comics by female artists

Fresh Keen - Strips brand spankin' new on Keenspace

GaySpace - For comics with gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender characters, or for comics created by the same.

KeenAmp - Keencomics with themes pertaining to music, or that have to do with bands

KeenBots - Comics that feature robots

KeenCoven - Strips for, by, about or friendly to Witches, Pagans, Animists, Pantheists, polytheists, techno-pagans, Odinists, Asatru, Satanists, practitioners of Vodoun and Santeria, occultists, and other followers of paths Not Quite Mainstream...

KeenManga - For MANGA-styled comics

KeenSchool - For Junior or High School type comics

Keen Shojo - Made by woman for woman in an anime/manga style

KeenSpace Nipple-Free Club - The name says it all.


Keen Tails - For furry, anthro or talking animal strips

Kingdoms of Keenspace - For fantasy comics

OpenKeen - Strips pushing Linux, FreeBSD, heck anything that's Open Sourced (aka licenced to be free and comes with source code) or is mostly made with open source tools (like The GIMP). ...uh, does posting on The Bench count?

SuperKeen - For strips starring character who considers themselves "superheroes." Exactly what a superhero is a subject for debate.

Talking Animals of Keen - Strips that have a talking animal as one of the reaccurring characters

What the Keen? - For those comics that, well, don't have a list to fit on. Thereby making a terrible paradox that threatens all reality. Or something.

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