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ComicGen has had many mascots since its origins as Keenspace. All user-designed by forum goers and depicted and drawn by webcomic artists each mascot, chan and -tan received a fair amount of attention through their industrious careers.

Below is a collection of Keenspace and ComicGen Mascots.

Kasie Keen

Kasie Keen

(Kasie Keen © 2000-2003 JesIdres)

Created by JesIdres on the 16th of February 2001 in response to a call from Kan Kong for a Keenspace mascot to compete with ‘that fat little Keeny dude at the Spot’, Kasie was designed to be an eclectic representation of what Keenspace was.

Although regarded by some as being Keenspace’s "offical" mascot, Kasie was long antiquated, as even in 2003 contemporary Spacers had no idea who she was. So it was with ease that she was replaced by Spacechan.




(Spacechan © 2004-2005 Rpin)

Created by Rpin on the 2nd of November 2004, the sweet little girl swiftly touched the hearts of the community. And when Shinedog recreated her as a sexy bot in Keenspace_chat she did more besides.

Born Space Tan, her shortlived colourful career began in November 2004 when Van Douchebag renamed her Spacechan and had her instated as keenspace mascot. She enjoyed the ride of popularity, with the usual adoring fans and flattering suitors while it lasted but when keenspace was dissolved in August 2005 she was...


a) ...usurped by her nefarious plotting little sister Gen-Chan and shipped to the gulag where she was eaten by bears.

b) ...fired and then fatally wounded in an attempt to end her own life when she fell from the Pharos Project radio telescope in Logopolis. She then regenerated into Gen-Chan because she is a Time Lord.

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Chan Family Circus

(Gen-chan © 2005-today Starline)

Basically similar to Spacechan in appearance, but bluer, shinier, ditzier and more gun crazed We were first introduced to Gen-chan on May 27, 2005 when Starline drew an image of the Chan family.

Jops then designed her official look.

It is speculated that she is either Spacechan in a different outfit and a wig or Spacechan’s nefarious little sister still recovering from the after-effects of a sudden growth-spurt.


Many people have been quite angered by Genchan's overly aggressive appearance, which seems mainly due to pictures of the mascot drawn by War and Jops which appeared around the point of the Keenspace - Comicgen Namechange. It quickly became the trend to have her hold some sort of weapon. People who have voiced their irritation at this include: Jigglyman and RPin. This started to remedy itself as more people drew their own interpretations, swapping giant laser cannons for pencils or microphones.

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