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Important! Comic Genesis has updated and is now running AutoGenesis - The tutorials and instructions included here on the CGWiki may not be accurate and will need updating. For more information, read this entire thread starting from this post.

After the server move, the login to the SiteAdmin was changed. It went from the old php login to http authentication. This has caused a few people problems.

Notice: SiteAdmin is currently not letting new members or existing members who change their passwords in. If you are unable to log into SiteAdmin, go to the Help Center and read the thread marked "Can't log into SiteAdmin?" for more details.


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Other known problems

1) There have been several users who have been under the impression that CG was not letting them sign in or not letting them sign up or that the registration system was broken. In most of those cases it has turned out that the user had some software on their computer that was blocking their attempts to connect with the CG server.

Removing or disabling that program allowed the user to connect.

2) Several old KeenSpace users who have come back after an extended Hiatus have found that they are unable to access their comic. No known solution has been found for this so far and the cause is unknown. The only available workaround at this time is to create a new account and re-upload all the old data if the original site has disappeared entirely.

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