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Important! Comic Genesis has updated and is now running AutoGenesis - The tutorials and instructions included here on the CGWiki may not be accurate and will need updating. For more information, read this entire thread starting from this post.

This page documents new changes and problems that new users may encounter. There is a lot of old documentation (like the Gear and Guide) which are not being maintained and should be ignored.

Are you a new user?

First, welcome to Comic Genesis. You have probably been given a link to this page by someone from the Help Centre. If you have not been there already, the Comic Genesis Help Centre should be your first place to look when you are having difficulty. Read a few of the thread titles first, since often problems have been experienced by other people before.

The second place is the Tutorials section here in the CGWiki.

Current Problems

AutoGenesis now running all comics

Not a "problem" as such - AutoGenesis is now running. Check the AutoGenesis page for details. Note that:

  • AutoGenesis is very picky about dates. If you have an incorrectly dated comic in your archive (even from years prior), it'll stop AutoGenesis.
  • See the Help Centre for latest bugs and fixes.

Can't log into SiteAdmin?

SiteAdmin is currently not working for new users! It also will not let you in if you are an existing user and you change your password. Users who have registered their forum account prior to May 2009 should be able to log into SiteAdmin as normal. No estimate on when this will be fixed at the moment. Dr Neo Lao 21:10, 3 August 2009 (UTC)

SiteAdmin is the main interface for users wanting to alter settings on their comics. Note that this system is dependent on the forum registration. In order to access SiteAdmin, members need to have their first letter as a capital. For example, if you register with the name "exercise" then you will be unable to log into SiteAdmin. You will need to either change your name to "Exercise" (you can't, only an Admin can change a user name) or re-register with a slightly different name, such as "Exer cise" or "Exer-cise" or "Exercise2" or "SomethingElse". You would also have to change your email.

The good news is that it will not affect your comic account. You only need to re-register on the forum.

Here's how to change your forum name and keep your current email address

  1. Register for a temporary email address - somewhere like Yahoo or Hotmail is fine.
  2. On your current account (exercise) go to the User Control Panel (top left) > Profile > Edit Account settings and change your email to the new temporary one.
  3. Go back to the temporary email and confirm the new email. Your old account (exercise) now has a temporary email account that you will never use.
  4. Log out and Register on the forum with your new name (Exercise2) (remember to capitalize the first letter!) and the email you want as your permanent email account.

This way you end up with a user name you can log into SiteAdmin with and you get to keep your old email.


  • Don't put an underscore in your username! If you use Exer_cise you won't be able to log into the CGWiki.
  • You use two sets of name and passwords:
  1. Your Forum name and password gives you access to the Forum, SiteAdmin and the CGWiki.
  2. Your comic's name and your FTP password give you access to your comic account directly via an FTP program.
  • Be careful how you log into the forum. Read this page for more details.

Fixed Problems

This section is where old problems are copied to so that new users can see if their problem has occurred before and if it has been fixed.

Slow Updates

2nd March: The server appears to be updating comics 19 hours after they are supposed to update. More information

Stats not updating

The stats on CG appear to have seized on or about the 24th of February. Members who are really interested in keeping track of their visitors and such should use a third-party stats service like StatTracker or Google Analytics. Discussion Thread

The Stats are not seized, they have been shut down. The software that collected the stats information was old and was taking up way too much resources to run. It had gotten to the stage that the program had not finished running when it need to go back to the start and begin all over again. Currently, Google Analytics has been installed on CG which covers Comic Genesis itself but not your individual comics.

Authors are advisd to either sign up for GA on their own or get another third party tracking option, depending on what they want to keep track of.

Comics redirecting to matthewfish?

For a few days, all new comic accounts were re-directing to This problem has been fixed by STrRedWolf.

Don't have an FTP password?

This is a current bug. The function for changing password appears to "work" but the confirmation email never arrives in your inbox. The problem is being worked on. Keep an eye on this thread for updates.

Update: The Lost Password system has been fixed. It has been tested and works with all major email systems (GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc).

Can't add your comic in SiteAdmin?

Some people who have registered on the forum and can access SiteAdmin might be confused by a prompt telling them to "add their comic". This is normal, and you do it by entering your comics name and FTP password into the appropriate boxes. However, as noted above, members are not getting their FTP passwords. Once the FTP password system is fixed, this should resolve as well.

Update: Since the Lost Password system has been fixed, members should now be able to get their FTP passwords and then go to SiteAdmin and add their comic to their forum account.

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