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About the Official Problem Listing

This is a section documenting the features in ComicGenesis that do not work, or have been disabled. Please make sure that it is a REAL bug, and not just a user misunderstanding before you report it. Please try and include dates to when it started not working.

Major Bugs

Forum Bugs

Auto-Login Cookie Not Working

Since June 2005(Random,) the automatic login does not appear to be working, so users have to type in their username and password every time they access the forum to post something.

Kisai - This is caused by accessing the forums, front page, or siteadmin while the database was unavailable. The session code in phpbb/frontpage/siteadmin will expire the cookie in the php code when it can't access the database, resulting in the browser being told to delete the cookie and presenting the login page. It's not so much a bug as a security feature. This problem is also replicated in siteadmin with the always being presented with the login page even when cookies are enabled.

  • NOTE* The reason this isn't really a bug is it's a "security feature" in web browsers that prevent sites from grabbing other sites cookies. Unfortunately it's even more of a security risk to have auto-login enabled if you aren't the only person who has access to your PC. What has changed on the backend is that the main server has a shadow copy of the session table from the forums, if it goes out of sync, auto-login get's smashed.

FYI, if you can not login to the forums/siteadmin, you need to delete the cookies and then close and reopen the web browser

Comic Genesis Logo Image is Broken

The Comic Genesis Logo Image on the top-left corner shows up as a broken image. fixed on the forums.