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Important! Comic Genesis has updated and is now running AutoGenesis - The tutorials and instructions included here on the CGWiki may not be accurate and will need updating. For more information, read this entire thread starting from this post.

New to Comic Genesis? Start here!

The Beginner's Guide

This is the section for guides on the absolute basics of Comic Genesis.

Current (known) Problems - old and new members read this page.

Short note: As of the 5th of September, Comic Genesis will no longer be accepting domain parking (this means having your mycomic.comicgenesis.com show up as mycomic.com). Any queries should be made in this thread.

The Intermediate User's Guide

This is the section for guides on additional features and making your comic site look nice:.

The Advanced User's Guide

This is the section for guides on adding advanced features.

Didn't find what you were looking for?

Try the Comic Genesis Help Center if you have specific questions.

If you want a tutorial for something that isn't here but should be and would benefit a lot of people, add it to the list of wanted tutorials and someone, someday may get around to writing it...

Found a bug or error?

Check the known bugs page and see if the problem is listed there.