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(New users who just want to know how to use WebFTP can skip the following bits)

When you need to move files to your comic account, you can use SiteAdmin. However, this is only good for your normal files, such as your comic images or your NewsBox images. If you want to change your templates and such, you will need an FTP program of some sort.

However, some people either don't have or can't afford one. If you want one, there are plenty of free ones around (such as SmartFTP or CuteFTP). But there might be some people who can't figure them out or don't want to install new software.

For this last group, there is some good news. Comic Genesis has a built-in WebFTP client, found here. Note that it says "Log into Butch" even though the Butch server was shut down a long time ago. It still works, but it logs you into the new server.

Basic Usage

You need to be logged in

Although seemingly obvious, I want to cover everything, just in case.

  • You log in using your FTP Username and Password, not your forum name and password.
  • You have a short session time, so make sure that you know what you want to do before you log in.
  • If it logs you out, you can just log back in again, but if you were in the middle of doing something, then you'll need to start again.


Those familiar with DOS will be able to figure most of this out. For everyone else:

The screen is divided into four sections. The Menu on the left, the folders on the top section, the location in the middle section and the files in the bottom section.

The Menu is explained further down.

The Folders section shows you which folders you are looking at. Clicking on a folder name will take you into that folder. Clicking on the two underlined dots (looks like .. ) will take you back one level. Note that you should avoid using your browser's navigation buttons as it might log you out.

The Location section in the middle tells you where you are. It also makes it easier to navigate quickly since it shows you the directory of where you are so you can jump to a higher folder with a single click. Sometimes you might not see it, but in the middle, between the two horizontal lines is a box with "Directory" written next to it. if you put in the place you want to go (such as workspace/data/notes) then it will take you straight to that directory. To return to the top, just type / and click the button.

The files section at the bottom will display all the files in the current folder. You won't see anything there when you first log in.

Using the Menu

On the left you will see the Menu, with the following items:

  • MkDir (Make Directory)
  • Upload
  • Download
  • Permissions
  • Delete
  • Move/Rename
  • View
  • Edit
  • New File
  • Messages
  • Quit


Used to create a Directory. For example, let's say that you want to use the ***todays_notes*** keentag. In order to use it, you need to create two new folders. In the workspace folder you need to create a folder named "data" and in that folder you need to create one called "notes".

Navigate to the workspace folder and click on MkDir. You will get a new screen that will let you enter the name of the folder that you want. Enter "data" into the box and click the 'Make Directory' button. You should now see the new folder listed with the others. Click on data and once there, click on MkDir and create the "notes" folder.

If you make a mistake (wrong location, incorrect name, etc) then you can easily delete a folder by ticking the checkbox next to it and then clicking on "Delete" in the Menu.

IMPORTANT! The Delete function cannot be undone, so be careful when selecting boxes. Don't do these sorts of changes when you are in a rush or really tired because if you delete a folder you're not supposed to, you can't get it back and you may 'break' your comic.


As the name implies, this is for uploading your files. Make sure you know where they are on your computer and make sure you are in the folder you want the file to land in before you click 'Upload'.

When you click on 'Upload', you will be taken to a new screen with the option to upload up to ten files at once. You don't have to fill in every box. To select a file, click on 'Browse', find the file on your computer then press 'Ok'. Once you have your file(s) selected, click on the 'Upload' button at the bottom of the list. After a moment (longer for more or bigger files) the screen will refresh and you'll see your new files in the File Section.

Note: The screen may refresh twice - once to show you the top section and again to show you the files section. There may be a gap between the two, depending on how much data was uploaded, so be patient if you don't see the file list straight away.


Almost the same as Upload, but will send the files on the server to your computer. To use, select the boxes next to the files you want to download first, then click 'Download'. You should be prompted on where you want the files saved.


The Permissions setting lets you alter the Permissions (radical, huh?) of different files and folders. You should not mess around with it. You can either select a checkbox and click on 'Permissions' or you can click on the blue link on the far right of the files / folders. Both will give you this screen:

WebFTP permissions.png

As stated, if you don't know exactly what you're doing, leave these alone as you could accidentally lock yourself out of your comic!


The Delete function will permanently remove any files or folders that are currently selected (have a tick in the checkbox), including all subfolders. Be careful when using this, as a deleted item cannot be recovered.

At this point it would be a good idea to mention that you should always have backups of your files (including system files for your account) just in case...


This option will let you rename, move or do both to a file or folder.

To Rename:

  1. Select a file / folder by checking the box and then click on 'Move/Rename'.
  2. In the new screen, enter the new name in the box and click the 'Move' button (will save the name change).
  3. After a moment, you should see the change on the list of files / folders.

To Move a file/folder:

  1. Select a file / folder by checking the box and then click on 'Move/Rename'.
  2. In the new screen, enter the destination including the name and extension! So if you want to move biography.html somewhere but don't specify the .html on the end, the file won't work...
  3. Click the 'Move' button (will save the name change). After a moment, you should see the change on the list of files / folders.

You can also do both at once by specifying a new name when moving a file.


The View function will let you look at whichever files are selected. This will work for images and text / html files. It will download them to your computer, where you can also save them. Note that if you edit and save, the edited version will be saved to your computer, not the server. You will need to use the Upload function to put the edited version on the server.


Same as view, except that you can edit on-line. This is not recommended except for small changes or adding a quick comment. You should Download the file(s) to your computer, edit them to your hearts content until you are happy with them and then Upload them.

New File

This will let you create a new file. When prompted for a name, make sure that you specify the extension! You can create .txt and .html files this way, but it's not recommended. Create the files on your computer and then upload them.


This will launch a pop-up that will display all the messages that the server has generated during your session. Normally, you won't need this but it's handy for when things go wrong. If you are trying to do something and it isn't working out, click on the Messages link and see if you are getting any errors.


Ends your session.

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