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Contributing a Genchan

The Comic Genesis homepage displays a random image of our mascot Genchan as drawn by Comic Genesis artists. These instructions are for any Comic Genesis artists who wish to contribute a picture of our mascot for use on the homepage.


The Comic Genesis website is, at its simplest, an advertisment designed to attract new readers into exploring the comics we have on offer. The Genchan images therefore need to look professional and showcase the best we can do.

A committee of three Comic Genesis regulars act as quality control over the Genchans in the interests of the site and Comic Genesis as a whole. The criteria are pretty simple; apart from being the correct size, file format and so on - which can be fixed anyway - the Genchan simply needs to look good on the site.

The Template

The first thing you need is the template. This zip file contains three copies of the background that goes behind Genchan in three different picture formats. All you need to do is paste your Genchan on the top of one of them using an art program (one such as Photoshop which handles layers is definitely your best bet for this), save it as a JPEG and submit it. One of the earliest drawings of Genchan, drawn by Jops is also included as an example for you to look at.


There are some basic rules you have to follow.

  • The Genchan picture must be G rated.
  • The Genchan picture must be a JPEG. PNGs and GIFs will not work in this situation.
  • You must use the background provided. Changing it in any way will stop the picture from matching the website. 2012 - Full alpha transparency can be used instead.
  • Your Genchan cannot be one of the characters from your comic dressed up. The Genchans are not intended to be advertising. That's what the Pogs are for.
  • Your Genchan should be human and female. To identify her as Genchan, she should also have her trademark blue or blue and black hair.
  • The Comic Genesis logo should be included in your Genchan's design somewhere. She is, after all, a mascot. If you need it, you can download the Comic Genesis logo from here.
  • Currently, Genchans created in Poser (and similar 3D rendering software) are not accepted.


Genchan appears on the main Comic Genesis webpage and the idea is to draw people in with attractive, colourful artwork. In the interests of this, there are also some guidelines and tips you should follow. Although they're guidelines only, there is a good reason for every one so if you don't follow them you are increasing the risk that your Genchan won't work well as part of the website.

  • It's best if your Genchan is as tall as possible in the space provided. Don't forget that there is already empty space on three sides of the Genchan so you don't have to leave a buffer around the outside of the picture. A short or - to a lesser extent - a thin Genchan will mean big empty gaps and will look off. One of the most common adjustments requested by the GTC is to adjust the size so the Genchan will take up more room (usually vertically).
  • Coloured pictures are definitely preferred since they usually look nicer. Keep the colour scheme of the webpage in mind. You don't have to use the same colours but you don't want the picture to clash either.
  • Consider shading the image even if you don't normally shade. It makes the picture more attractive and interesting (particularly since the site itself also has a lot of shading effects).
  • Because the Comic Genesis logo is right above the Genchan on the website, a free-floating logo on the Genchan image tends to look off. It's best if the logo is part of your Genchan's uniform, or a tattoo or similar.
  • Since the picture has no border, cutting her off at the knees will look strange. That's not to say it has to be a full-body picture but simply stopping it when you run out of room won't work well. One alternative is to fade out the picture in the last hundred pixels or so. If you look at the main page, you'll see many of the existing Genchans do this already and it works well.
  • In the same vein, cutting your Genchan off on the left will also look wrong since, again, there's no border. However, you can cut the picture off on the right as the website has a large window on that side of the picture.
  • Be careful with glow effects and shadows, too. They frequently get cut off by the edges of the image and it's sometimes hard to spot until the image is on the site.
  • Try to keep where Genchan is in mind. Jop's Genchan, to use an example, isn't just standing next to the main window, she looks as though that's exactly where she should be. Her stance, expression and manner all make her really belong as part of the webpage. That's a plus.
  • Try to keep Genchan's pose interesting - at least, as much as you can within the limited space. Clothing catalogues are a good source of ideas here.
  • Sitting Genchans usually don't work very well on the site. The bottom of the Genchan template is, on the website, roughly where the ground level is implied to be. Any sitting Genchan will generally be quite a way above that and it looks odd.
  • If you do a full body shot and if you have room, consider putting a shadow beneath your Genchan. It gives her more presence on the page. Even a light, almost invisible shadow can have a noticable effect.
  • You by no means have to use the same design of Genchan as anyone else. Feel free to make your own.

Submitting your Genchan

  • Making sure you're logged into the forum, head on over to site admin.
    • If you haven't done so already, you'll need to add your comic to your account by using the appropriate fields.
  • Click on your comic's name and then click on ""Comic name" Promo/Banner/Newsbox/Pog/Chan images (BETA)".
  • Upload your file.

You're done! Now you just need to wait for it to be approved by the committee and it will get to the front page. Please remember that it may take several days for the committee to approve your Genchan, so don't be alarmed if she doesn't show up right away. Also note that uploading multiple copies of your Genchan won't speed up the process -- so please don't.


If you find you're having trouble, then Comic Genesis has a help forum where you can ask questions.