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The Banner and Avatar Guide

This is so users may upload images for promotion and proper hotlinking on ComicGenesis. The approved sizes and types are:

Note: the file sizes are gross overestimates. You can get the large banner down to 10k without difficulty. In other words, 200k animated banners are pretty to look at but they suck of WAY too much bandwidth. Do better.

Large: 468x60 pixels (50k max file size) (You need one if you want your comic to show up in the live search on www.comicgenesis.com)

Medium: 200x40 pixels (30k max file size)

Small (button): 88x31 pixels (10k max file size)

Avatar (see left side of this post): 100x100 (10k max file size)

Newsbox: 150x300 pixels (Shouldn't exceed 50k or so, these will show up on other people's sites)

Pogs: 60x60 pixels, no larger than 10k. See the pog tutorial for more information.

Gen-chan: 213x533 pixels, shouldn't be larger than 40 or 50k. See the tutorial for more information.

New Siteadmin

For those using the new siteadmin.


You'll need to have your comic connected to your forum name in siteadmin, first. In order to do so, simply make sure you haven't logged out of the forum before going to siteadmin. Enter in your comic's FTP username and password in the boxes provided and submit. Once that's done, click your comic's name, click "comic name" Promo/Banner/Newsbox/Pog/Chan images (BETA), upload through there, and wait for it to be approved.

Old Siteadmin

For those still using the old URL.

Faub's Guide to Banners and Avatars

Basic Info

Step-by-step Guide

  • Step 1) Create a banner. Use Photoshop, the GIMP, Windows Paint, doesn't really matter. Just make sure to get the file size as small as possible.
  • Step 2) To get a banner to appear on these forums you just need to save the banner somewhere on your Comic Genesis site. These forums will ignore the image directory block and your banner will appear. However, your banner will not work on ANY OTHER forum or weblog or anything because Comic Genesis will block access to it.
    1. Load any keenspace forum (and probably log in) like normal.
    2. At the top of the page there is a link to your profile. Click that.
    3. Near the middle of the list you will find an edit box labeled "Signature." This is where your information goes. To link to your banner you need to use bbcode, the same as you would use for this forum.
    4. Don't know what bbcode is? Go Here.
    5. Just specify your banner as an img tag and preferrably wrap that with an url tag to link back to your comic site.
    6. At the very bottom of this page you will see the Avatar Control Panel. In the text box labeled "Link to Off-site Avatar," enter the full path to the avatar you saved in your Comic Genesis images directory.
    7. Click submit and you are done. Most likely your images will not show up immediately. Give it time. Be patient.
  • Step 3) Okay, Step 2 works fine but it totally trashes your webalizer info. There is a way to fix this, though. It's called Guide Banners. Basically, you can save a banner or three to guide.keenspace.com and any time your banner is loaded the guide takes the hit and not your keenspace account. So, your webalizer will display more accurate results.
    1. Go to Siteadmin.
    2. Log in like normal. If you can't log in there are other forum threads that address this problem.
    3. Click Edit "Your Comic's" Banners.

out of date, instead right-click on the banner inside siteadmin and grab the path that looks like www.comicgenesis.com/IXP/X/filename.jpg

    1. Now, replace the reference to your avatar and sig banner from Step 2 with your new guide banner and avatar.
    2. Done.
  • Step 4) Trading banners with other comics. Rules to Observe
    1. DO NOT LINK DIRECTLY TO THE BANNER ON THE OTHER SITE!Download it and put it on your own site. This is the only polite thing to do.
    2. It's a good idea to ask when you link to someone's site. Send them an email and be polite about it. Make sure to put a link to your own site in the email. If the person you're linking to likes what they see they may link you back and that's a source of hits.
    3. Don't force the issue. If someone doesn't link back to you, don't bother them about it. Phalanx: I agree. You're only getting other people's backs up if you continue to push.
    4. I can't think of anything else.

Phalanx: Many thanks to Faub for the use of his banner guide in the FAQ. Faub is also the creator of Fallen Angels Used Books, so do pop over to his site to thank him!

Kisai's Additional Notes on Banners and the Guide

  • The Guide ( http://guide.keenspace.com ) only supports 468 x 60 in default mode, likewise for the live search on http://www.comicgenesis.com
  • Technically the link system supports any size, but the size is locked to prevent users from uploading banners bigger than the screen size, or smaller than required. This means it will not work even if it is off by 1 pixel.
  • 468x60, 200x40 and 88x31 are the only "supported" sizes, along with 150x300 for the NewsBox/NewsHack", other sizes are internally supported, but don't currently have a use.
  • Images need only to be added to the "Edit Banner" option for 'off-site linking' (in the forum) instead of uploading them. Currently, the ability to support them is due to a work-around for a bug in the forums.
  • In theory it supports any size, but the sizes I picked are so I can go "select comics where banner_type =5" and have all the newsbox sized ones show up.
  • The first three types are 468x60 , 200x40 and 88x31, with type 4 being 100x100 avatar.
  • The reason for the size restrictions is to prevent people from using stuff that will break the fixed sizes of the guide tables or the newsbox frame.
  • Fixed sizes are put in the img tags... so if someone is being silly and decides to change their banner from a resonable size to giagantamungoeus size, it still gets contrained to the size specified.
  • It stores the type, size and path, so if I move it from server A to server B, it will automatically have the same number (Except the guideX it's on will change)
  • Under no circumstance are BMP's (bitmaps) supported.