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The Welcome email is the message that new users will get after seven days. Current as of February 2009.

Welcome email

Welcome to ComicGenesis,

Thank you for joining our community. Please make sure you have 
also created a forum account at http://forums.comicgenesis.com
so you can login to http://siteadmin.comicgenesis.com to edit
or add settings, or update your comic. 
What do I do first?
Most of what you will want to know can be found in the tutorials
You can also ask questions, request support from the help forum 
and have your questions answered within minutes.
There is no email support at this time, please do not hit reply
or try to contact the email address from where this email came
from, it is not monitored.

Please do not mark this email as spam, or it may result in 
your account being removed and blocked from further access.
- = -

Your account has been created and will be ready for business 
soon. Here are the relevant facts:
It may take 24 hours days before your account becomes visible via 
ftp or http.  Until then you may not be able to reach your comic's
sitename, and your password and account may not work properly.

Sitename:  (Your Comic Name).comicgenesis.com
FTP username:  (Your Comic Name)

Create a new password immediately for the FTP username:

You can then ftp to (Your Comic Name).comicgenesis.com and upload your comics
according to the directions in the manual. If you do not have a FTP
client, you may also use the web-ftp client:

Please remember not to reply or send any email to the address this
message was sent from, as it is not monitored. All help questions 
are answered in a short amount of time by other ComicGenesis users
(sometimes minutes) at the help forum instead:

Thanks for joining.

The ComicGenesis Admins and the Space Wranglers

So if you joined with the name "mycomic" for your comic then your sitename (url) would be mycomic.comicgenesis.com and your FTP username would be mycomic.

Note that where it says "It may take 24 hours days before your account becomes visible...", it means that DNS propagation (when your internet provided "sees" the new site) may take up to 48 hours.