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And Shine Heaven Now
Artist: Erin Ptah
Writer: Erin Ptah
Characters: Alucard, Sir Integral, Seras, Walter, Pip, Anderson, Reseda, Baalberith
Updates: M-S
Began: June 8, 2003
Ended: never
Art style: anime/manga
Rating: PG-13
Website Website


And Shine Heaven Now (canonically abbreviated as Shine) is a fancomic for the anime Hellsing. It picks up at the end of the TV series, and roughly follows that version of the canon; however, it has incorporated some elements of canon from the manga (which is ongoing), and will make similar adaptions upon the release of the OVA.

In addition to Hellsing characters, the comic features cameos from numerous series (including Revolutionary Girl Utena, Pet Shop of Horrors, and Sailor Moon) and a few recurring original characters. It is currently in the midst of a major crossover with Read or Die, conceived and co-written by Xuanwu of Okashina Okashi.

The comic is remarkable in part because Hellsing is, essentially, horror, full of blood and death and baby-eating Nazi vampires. Shine takes the characters, relationships, and situations of this horrific manga and then uses them to write light, comedic, sometimes almost sitcom-esque stories. The contrast is interesting, especially since the comic is very well-written.

Characters: Hellsing

Hellsing Organization

Name Appearance Description
Sir Integral Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing C int.png In canon: The tough, no-nonsense head of the Hellsing organization, a Round Table Knight, and master of the vampire Alucard. Inspires fierce respect and devotion from her forces.

In Shine: Walter and Seras occasionally try to get her to relax; the last time they did this, she ended up stranded on a desert island. Wields icy glare of death. When powered up by Perun's Flowers, has potential to wield other nifty powers, though with limits. Catches on to things quickly except where emotions are involved, in which case Walter steps in. Definitely not in love with Alucard. Nope. Not at all.

Alucard C alu.png In canon: The self-assured True Undead who serves Hellsing - specifically, Integral. Despite this, generally glides through (un)life with a carefree air, lots of style, and big guns. Is not-so-secretly Dracula.

In Shine: Had a relationship with Walter while fighting alongside him in WWII. Is looking for a good fight, but is embarrassed to reveal his servant status to worthy opponents. Has seen a lot over the centuries, including the Doctor (and Wowbagger, for that matter). Certainly not in love with his Master. Oh no.

Senior Officer Seras Victoria C ser.png In canon: The young police officer who lets Alucard make her a vampire. Is at first shy and unwilling to drink blood, but eventually embraces her vampire nature and pwns utterly. Rejects Pip's early advances. Wields a freakin' huge gun.

In Shine: Has yet to become True Undead, although her vampiric powers are beginning to unlock. Was opening to Pip's romantic overtures until their date in Paris turned out to double as a business trip. Is now slowly getting to trust him again.

Walter Dornez C walt.png In canon: The deceptively mild-mannered butler of the Hellsing house. Retired agent "Angel of Death", he wields a weapon dubbed "the dental floss of death". A Dune fan. Always on hand when Integral needs him.

In Shine: A sci-fi geek, whose ability to sense when Integral needs his help verges on the supernatural. Handles paperwork in her absence. The most Zen of the group, he deals mildly with everything from his past relationship with Alucard and impending mortality to the kettle whistling.

Captain Pip Bernadette C pip.png In canon: The roguish French captain of the mercenaries known as the Wild Geese. He's quick at thinking on his feet, and his early fear of monsters soon becomes a genuine affection (and, yes, lust) for Seras. Has a strong sense of honor.

In Shine: Every attempt he's made to win Seras' affections has come crashing down around him; he can't seem to stop putting his foot in his mouth around her. Thinks in French.

The Wild Geese C geese.png In canon: The mercenaries led by Pip. One has a young daughter named Michelle.

In Shine: Several of the Geese have been distinguished as individuals. Bob (the lone black guy) is dating Thiên (the Nameless Woman from Order 07). Pip's gone out drinking with groups of them.

Vatican Section XIII (Iscariot)

Name Appearance Description
Father Enrico Maxwell C rico.png In canon: The snakelike head of the Iscariot Organization. Talks with a smirk and can be very petty, although Integral never rises to his bait. Abandoned as a kid. Willing to have anyone killed for the Vatican's sake, he's a religious fanatic, and eventually goes off the deep end because of it.

In Shine: His descent into madness has been headed off for the moment by self-doubt, largely caused by his overwhelming crush on Integral. Occasionally relates made-up stories about his childhood.

Father Alexander Anderson C alex.png In canon: Iscariot's ace, scientifically augmented into a regenerator: able to heal bullet wounds in seconds and grow back lost limbs. Fights like a berserker when vampires are around, but is the wisest of the lot when his head's clear. Good with kids.

In Shine: By far the oldest of the Iscariots, he's often the calm onlooker. After experiencing the desires of AAxA-shippers, immediately got his mouth washed out with holy water.

"Father" Heinkel Wolfe C hei.png In canon: The more level-headed half of the Vatican's dynamic duo of assassins; also acts as bodyguard and troop leader when the situation calls for it. Gender uncertain (described by her creator as "neither male nor female").

In Shine: Young but expertly competent. Intersex, thanks to 5-alpha-reductase deficiency; usually disguises as male for undercover purposes. Has a thing for Yumiko/Yumie, though unacted on.

Yumiko/Yumie Takagi C yumi.png In canon: A split personality. Glasses on, she's sweet and gentle nun Yumiko; glasses off, she's Heinkel's sword-wielding berserker partner. Yumiko is aware of Yumie, and wishes her crazy half could just stay asleep.

In Shine: Both Yumiko and Yumie are devoted fans of Nenene Sumiregawa. Went to Lillian Girls' School for junior high. The Hellsing organization knows of Yumie, but doesn't know she has an alternate identity.

Timothy Maccabee C tim.png Originally: Named after St. Timothy, who gained great admiration from St. Paul for devotion at a young age.

In Shine: Like Enrico Maxwell, Timothy grew up in the Ferdinant Lukes orphanage, where he admired both Enrico and Father Anderson. Enthusiastically volunteered Iscariot at a young age. Wants desperately to emulate Enrico and stay - no matter how difficult. Enrico is kind of a terrible mentor figure, so Heinkel has somewhat taken over the job, keeping an eye on Timothy as he starts entering field missions.

Millennium Nazis

Name Appearance Description
Major Montana Max C max.png In canon: The head honcho of Millennium, originally in charge of the Nazi vampire research project. Despite this affiliation, he doesn't seem to share much of the party's ideology. He just has a thing for war, and his goal is to start a big one. Secretly an otaku.

In Shine: Just gearing up to start the invasion of England, he has been directing assorted plots to study and/or weaken Hellsing. Of course, if it interrupts dinner, all bets are off. Has pictures of '40s DC Comics villains in his room.

Rip Van Winkle C rip.png In canon: The opera-singing, parasol-twirling young Millennium vampire who hijacked the battleship H.M.S. Eagle. Was, unbeknownst to her, a decoy, set to lure Alucard away from England and strand him in the middle of the ocean. Succeeded at this, though Alucard killed her too.

In Shine: Also not dead yet. Cute and perky when in a good mood; snappish when in a bad one. She and Schrödinger bicker like siblings. Takes the Dandy's flirting in stride, as he hits on everyone.

Schrödinger C schroe.png In canon: The mischeivous catboy created by Doc. Acts as a sort of mascot for the Hellsing series. Like the cat in the scientific parable, exists in a state of some kind of quantum uncertainty: he is "everywhere and nowhere." In practice, this means he can appear in the Hellsing mansion without going through their security. Has, so far, only been used as a messenger.

In Shine: Had his body swapped in one of Doc's experiments. His body, with an innocent and kittenlike mind, was found and adopted by Seras. When the swap was reversed, Hellsing didn't realize what had happened (the demon attack was a bit of a distraction), leaving Schrödinger able to openly hang around the mansion without suspicion.

Tubalcain Alhambra "The Dandy" C dandy.png In canon: The suave and skilled card shark who, during the attack on Alucard and Seras' hotel in Rio de Janeiro, directed the forces and eventually faced Alucard himself. Put up a very cool-looking fight before he was killed.

In ShineNot dead yet. A huge ladies' man, charming and smooth to a fault, though something about Rip seems to fluster him. Native to Rio. Mildly obsessed with card games.

Herr Doctor ("Doc") (Your basic mad scientist.) In canon: The slightly mad scientist who ran the experiments that eventually led to Millennium's use of vampires. Polydactylic. Created Schrödinger somewhere along the line, as well as the chips implanted in Millennium's agents that transmit information back (and set them on fire when they fail).

In Shine: His repertoire of inventions is even greater here; he's cloned I-Jin and swapped minds around. So long as his experiments work, doesn't worry about much else.

Captain Hans Günsche (Mostly hidden by his hat and greatcoat.) In canon: The strong, silent type. (Whether he can't speak or just refuses to, nobody knows for sure.) Also, a werewolf, in the "man who turns into a wolf" sense. Fought Walter in 1944.

In Shine: So far, almost exactly the same. Does a lot of standing around and saying nothing. One difference: When briefly in the Major's body during the body-swap storyline, locked himself in the Major's room and sang disco.


Name Appearance Description
Helena C hel.png In canon: The old vampire in child shape who lives alone with her vast collection of books and an old record player. Gives Seras aid and advice in the lead-up to the Incognito fiasco; killed, but unfazed by her death, explaining that her spirit will be freed to wander the sky.

In Shine: After the timeline was rearranged, gave Seras aid in the lead-up to the Valentine Brothers fiasco. Longtime friend of Reseda. Inadvertently drawn into Hell once; rescued through divine intervention. Occasionally does book reviews.

The baobhan sith C sith.png In canon: A Scottish vampire who, working for Millennium, infiltrated the Hellsing mansion by hypnotizing the humans to believe she was "Integra's younger sister, Laura". While Incognito distracted Alucard, she tried to turn Integra, and very nearly succeeded.

In Shine: Though briefly seen in Hell before the timeline changed, in the new timeline she was never recruited by Millennium at all. However, she still has ambitions of attacking the leader of Hellsing, and takes the initiative on her own.

Characters: Other Series

Read Or Die (R.O.D)

Name Appearance Description
Yomiko Readman - 19th "Agent Paper" C yom.png In canon: The ace of British Library Special Ops, until she burns down the British Library after its true intentions became clear. An enthusiastic bibliomaniac, she can't get enough of books, and has the amazingly versatile ability to control and direct paper. Has saved the world. Is Nenene's self-proclaimed "biggest fan".

In Shine: Acts as Nenene's bodyguard during a British book-signing tour; collaborated with Hellsing when their duties overlapped. Able to match Alucard evenly in battle. Has recently broken with the Library, and attempted to reveal its plans to Hellsing before going into hiding.

Nenene Sumiregawa C nene.png In canon: An author whose first book, written when she was thirteen, became a smash hit. Has since written several books, although writer's block hits in her late twenties after Yomiko's disappearance. Has a locket with Yomiko's picture.

In Shine: Nineteen when we meet her. The one who knows Yomiko best; able to respond to the bibliophile's moods effortlessly. Also perhaps the only person who can hold her own in a staring contest with Integral.

Joseph Carpenter - "Joker" (Picture Enrico Maxwell without the ponytail.) In canon: Head of British Library Special Ops, though he has his own agenda that few know.

In Shine: His remarkable resemblance to Enrico Maxwell has been commented on, but nothing has come of it. Integra, wisely, trusts Yomiko over him.

Donnie Nakajima - 18th "Agent Paper" (Charming, cute Japanese guy.) In canon: Yomiko's mentor and predecessor, believed to be deceased. She now wears his glasses everywhere in his honor.

In Shine: Former friend of Aziraphale. Integra's first exposure to the concept of paper users.

Nancy Makuhari "Miss Deep" (It's mostly breast, honestly.) In canon: An I-jin (a type of superpowered clone) of Mata Hari, the famous exotic dancer and spy. Two Nancys were actually created, one of whom sacrificed herself to save the world; she entreated Yomiko to take care of the second, who survived but with some brain damage.

In Shine: Whereabouts unknown. Yomiko's protecting her.


Name Appearance Description
Emma and William Jones, Hakim Atawari C em.png In canon: These three hail from Victorian Romance Emma. The title character, Emma, is a maid; William is a young nouveau riche; they fall in love. Trouble ensues from all sides. Hakim is an Indian prince and a friend of William's (they were classmates at Eton). He encourages Emma and William to ignore class and go for love.

In Shine: When we meet them in 1897, Emma and William are happily married, and Hakim still comes by to visit - on elephants, as usual. Hakim is the father of Integral's mother.

Madeline C mad.png In canon: From Madeline: In a Catholic boarding school in Paris that was covered in vines lived twelve little girls in two straight lines; the smallest (and bravest) was Madeline.

In Shine: A regenerator who works with the French equivalent of Hellsing, known as the Holy League. She's still small - and still brave. Travels in a miniature helicopter.

Robin Sena C robin.png In canon: From Witch Hunter Robin, an agent of STN-J, the Japanese branch of the global witch-hunting organization Solomon. Born in Japan but raised in Italy by a priest. She has the power to start and control fires; because she uses this for good, she is classified as "a craft user" rather than "a witch."

In Shine: Appeared in (where else?) the witch-hunting storyline, where, being fluent in Italian, she was one of the few people able to converse with Timothy. Like the Hellsing Organization, STN-J regularly comes into conflict with Section XIII.

The Lillian Girls' School Students C marimite.png In canon: The ensemble from Maria-sama ga Miteru. Lillian Girls' School is a garden for maidens. The pleats on their skits shouldn't be noticeable. Their white sailor collars should always be tidy. Walking slowly is preferred here. Oh, and all the characters are engaged in intimate, exclusive, intensely personal relationships with each other. But totally pure. We swear.

In Shine: The girls have all their usual drama, with the occasional additional intrusion from vampire slayers and witch hunters. And, yes, they're pretty much all gay.

Anthy Himemiya and Chuchu C anthy.png In canon: From Revolutionary Girl Utena, she is the Rose Bride, passed around among the Student Council of Ohtori Academy in a mysterious system of duels. Shunned by most of the student body, considered weird at best and a witch at worst. Her only friend is her pet/familiar Chuchu, until Utena comes along.

In Shine: The series has ended and Anthy has left Ohtori, searching for her missing Utena. She is currently a student at Lillian Girls' School, enjoying the peace and quiet.

Mystery, Inc. C scoob.png In canon: Four young people and a talking dog who wander the country solving mysteries and unmasking fake monsters: upstanding young man Freddie Jones, pretty girl Daphne Blake, genius Velma Dinkley, scaredy-cat Norville "Shaggy" Rogers, and of course their Great Dane, Scooby-Doo.

In Shine: There are many, many incarnations of this canon; the one most likely to match the Shineverse versions is A Pup Named Scooby-Doo. They're twentysomethings in the present in Shine time, and tackle Alucard the same way they would any monster: by trying to pull off his mask.

The Doctor (Appearance may vary.) In canon: From Doctor Who, a native of the planet Gallifrey who has been cheating death for hundreds of years, and spends his life hopping through time and space saving planets. Probably present at every major event in human history, as well as the history of any other race you'd care to name.

In Shine: Drops in during the time travel storyline to put our heroes back on the right path, but otherwise rarely gets that involved in Earth's affairs.

H. G. Wells (Wears a lot of grey; older incarnations are moustached.) In canon: A real person used in Doctor Who, in which he was briefly a stowaway on the Doctor's ship when he was younger. As an adult, wrote some of the earliest modern science fiction, and created the first tabletop roleplaying game.

In Shine: Revived as an I-Jin (a superpowered clone developed from DNA kept in the British Library). The I-Jin Wells developed a portable Time Machine and a small army of Morlocks, and went on to wreak havoc in the past.

Sailor Pluto C plu.png In canon: From Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon, the enigmatic Sailor Soldier protected by the planet Pluto. Lives outside of the timeline and guards history; to facilitate this, occasionally arranges time travel.

In Shine: Rarely seen but clearly present. During the time travel storyline she kept a close eye on the proceedings. The result was, if not a straight line, a self-sustaining loop without any paradoxes. Sometimes that's the best you can do.

Bertram Wooster and Reginald Jeeves (Cute but often garish; impeccable in black) In canon: From Jeeves & Wooster, an absentminded but well-meaning member of the 1930s idle rich, and the brilliant valet who takes care of him.

In Shine: Jeeves trained Walter in all things from vampire-slaying to making good tea. At first this was behind Bertie's back, but after he was nearly killed in a vampire attack, Jeeves revealed the truth - and the two of them finally got together, so that the trio made an improvised family until Hellsing called Jeeves and Walter away to fight World War II.

Aziraphale and Crowley (Pudgy and tartan-wearing; sharp and sunglasses-adorned) In canon: The angel and demon from Good Omens. The former used to stand guard outside the Garden of Eden and is now a used bookstore owner; the latter was the tempting snake, and currently likes fast cars. Officially rivals, but they have an Arrangement.

In Shine: Aziraphale was a friend of Donnie's, and can take on any darkish creature with a bit of holy light. Crowley once underestimated Integra, and ended up being put out of commission by holy spit.

Characters: Original

Name Appearance Description
The Fangirls and Fanboys C fans.png In reality: A flock of real people, Hellsing fans and Shine readers all. Willing to email descriptive information to the artist on request, including loving rants about their favorite characters.

In Shine: They come through a portal that opens every year, for reasons as yet unexplained. It usually opens into Integra's office (although one year it was diverted to Hell), and the fans shoot out to latch on to their favorite characters. Removing them is a tricky job. When Integra is loaded up on Perun's Flowers, she can close the portal herself.

Reseda C res.png Originally: The artist's first Mary Sue, for a Sailor Moon fanfic. Has been developed since.

In Shine: A chordewa: a type of vampire, originating from Bengal, which favors cat form but can be distinguished by a normal cat by its odd way of mewing. She arrives on the Hellsing mansion's doorstep as a cat, looking for news of Helena, and ended up acting as a pet for Seras until her identity was uncovered.

Baalberith C baal.png Originally: In Johan Weyer's hierarchy of Hell, the minister of pacts and treaties. A fallen Cherub, Baalberith also functions as Hell's notary public; whenever someone makes a deal with the devil, it's Baalberith who notarizes it and makes it official. Most active in June.

In Shine: Hell is a bureaucracy, and Baalberith is a master at dealing with paperwork. S/he tallies up people's sins to assign them to the appropriate sublevel, and has personal jurisdiction over subcircle 813 - the home for those (mostly vampires) who opposed Hellsing's mission from God. Ironically, s/he seems to have a crush on Integra's shoulder devil.

Lisa C lisa.png Originally: She's a Cabbage Patch Kid that the artist owns. Had her younger brother been a girl, her parents were going to name him Lisa; instead, she used the name for her doll. And Now You Know.

In Shine: One of Baalberith's two angelic counterparts. (In the Fall, one of every three angels sided with the devil.) Lisa is a sweet and adorable cherub who brings cheer to a section of Heaven frequented by characters relevant to Hellsing. Whether it's Seras' parents or the organization's dead soldiers, she's around to light up their afterlives.

Shoulder sprites C shoulder.png Originally: The traditional plot device for representing the inner conflict of a character.

In Shine: Sir Integral's shoulder devil spends her free time with Hell's succubi, acting out Integral's suppressed dominatrix impulses. Her shoulder angel relaxes in Heaven, acting out Integral's suppressed desires to be cheerful and openly kind. Both manifest on Integral's shoulders to advise her when the situation calls for it. (Timothy's shoulder angel and devil have also made appearances.)

Marian Amethyst Raven Yumi Sappho Urania Elizabeth C marian.png Originally: Based loosely on every Mary Sue you've ever met. The difference is that she can't actually warp canon; she just thinks she can.

In Shine: A young baobhan sith who accompanied "Laura" in leaving her sisters to seek out Sir Hellsing. Thinks of herself as a dramatic heroine, and acts accordingly - which is part of what makes her a comedic sidekick.

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