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Blood Bound, a comic from Anubic Darque Studios, follows the life of a vampire girl, who has escaped from her long time prison into the wide world

The World of Blood Bound

A world that resembles our own, however there are more than just Humans as the sentient races. Demons, Creatures like Vampires and Lycans, and even half humanlike animals populate this world. The situation of the world and the childlike nature of the humans means that all other sentients live in hiding, with their own culture government and lifestyles, protected from human intervention by Elders, Guardians like Christine, and perhaps even a secret society of Humans. The only interaction between the Human world and that of the "Inhumans" seems to be based on feeding, be it blood, flesh or souls. But by and large the Inhumans keep clear of Humans unless they really need to. There are businesses that tend to the needs of the Humans that are run by Inhumans, for example Blood Banks are a means of supplying fresh whole blood to the heamovours as well as a source of funding by selling the excess blood to human hospitals. The biggest Blood Bank company in the human world, the "Red Crux" is owned by the various councils of elders around the globe.

The Church

Bastion of religious thought for the Human world, the church encompasses the globe, with a hierarchy of Papalistic intent, from Shamans to Priests, Archbishops to deacons. Most of the church is unaware of the existence of the Inhumans, though some higher ups and a secret order within the organization are not only aware but consider them to be the essence of evil, and wish only for them to be destroyed.

Ordo Insegnamentum Malum

A certain organization of the Church, the "Order For the Study of Evil" is hidden from the public's eye, though it has existed since the beginning of human organized religion; Only a few in power know of its existence. The Ordo spends a lot of its time studying vampires claiming them as the root of all evil.


They are the boogiemen, the trolls the vampires and lycans, they are the fae the furries the undead and the never alive. And for the most part, they just want to be left alone to live their lives. They have families, work for a living, and avoid contact with the Humans as much as possible. Of course there are exceptions...

Guardians Inhuman Law Enforcement

Inhumans charged with keeping the boundaries between Humans and Inhumans. They are often dressed like Human police and operate in a similar manner. They are also known as "Inhuman Law Enforcement Officers"

Red Crux

No relation to the real world "Red Cross" but rather a corporation run by Inhumans that deals with the Human world. Mostly dealing with Blood Donations from Humans, a percentage of it is siphoned off to the blood consuming portion of the Inhuman community (not enough for Inhumans not to take Human lives) and sell the surplus to Human hospitals at a profit, helping fund the various Inhuman communities around the world.


Information is scarce. The only known thing as of now, is that it appears to be something of a church for Vampires.



Young (well 200 years old) vampire girl, found on the doorstep of a church, covered in blood, and nearly dead before being taken in by a kindly old priest. After working out what she is, and how she has not yet taken any life, he kept her innocent of any knowledge of her true being, and reported his findings to an Archbishop. At that point she was taken by the church to a secret location and incarcerated, while experiments were carried out to determine the true nature of “evil”.


A world weary vampire, centuries old. She has lived in many countries and seen the power of the non human races in general ebb and flow. Now she serves as a guardian for the cities non human races, protecting them from Humans and from themselves. Has or is in a relationship with Anubis, but in any case seems to be violently possessive of him.


A cute little succubus, and like her kind is a real slut. Willing to sleep with anyone at any time, of course for most its lethal, as she will drain your soul and leave you a dried husk. But with her friends and “fuck buddies” she’s harmless but randy. Very partial to cranberries. She seems to have started some form of relationship with Jinni. She's recently gone through a very traumatic experience, and is emerging from the ordeal by changing her appearance and attitude. It is left to be seen how Jinni will take this transformation of sweet Sassana.


Catgirl, with the morals of an alley cat. Best friends with Sassana, they often hunt together, both for fun and for sustenance. She has left now leaving Sassana a very upset little demon


Mystroka is a darker catgirl, currently employed by Anubis as his personal assistant. She is very frigid, something that Christine likes, since Anubis has a reputation of getting any Inhuman girl he likes.


A pale vampire ILE agent, and one of Christine's lovers. Shes very tolerant of Christine's polyamory, and is loyal and monogamous to her. This is something that Christine appreciates, while she herself has multiple lovers, she hates her lovers to have anyone other than herself.


Anubis is older than old has seen all and done all. Looks similar to the Egyptian God of death and mummification. Thinks of humanity as rather a cute species, but has no problem with dealing with humans in a terminal manner. Or creatures either. Is good friends or possibly lover with Christine, but being a beast he’s not known for his fidelity. He seems to have some standing in the community but no one really knows just what it is


All that is known at the moment is that he is a friend of Christine's. Oh, and he's cute and unfortunate for us gay.

Shalimar Amelia (Countess)

Elitest Succubi, and the mother of Sassy. She is none to happy about having her daughter around a vampire, her reasoning that vampires are a sub species and not really worth having all; (think racist) and wants Sassy to come home with her. She also seems to be a devout follower of the "Goddess" but...we know she's a bit of a hypocrite. Okay, maybe a lot. Once she finds out that Sassy got a tattoo and still refuses to come home, she storms off...but we will probably be seeing her again.

Hooded figures

A council of elders who govern over the creatures in the city, their names species are unknown to everyone except to each other, yet they rule over the creatures with a mixture of terror and compassion.

Lilith (Ghostly female)

The Ghostly Female that has been haunting Jinni's mind is finally revealed. Lilith, a vampire deity, and true mother of Jinni. She is the one that has been whispering to Jinni, comforting her, and helped her keep a shred of her sanity while she was "in the care of" the Ordo Insegnamentum Malum.


Non Demon Creatures


During the human bronze age, succubi and incubi would feast on the souls of humans that they copulated with. At that stage the human sperm and ovum were particularly strong, and pregnancy's would often happen. The offspring was a monstrous combination of the two species, with the seductive look of the cubi, as well as some of their abilities with flight, but the bloody thirstyness of humans. These offspring could breed among themselves, but with the amount being born of Cubi Human couplings the population skyrocketed. In time human sperm and egg cells become less capibile of the cross breeding and human cubi couplings became barren. However the cross breed became a new species of its own. Known as Vampires.

The vampire species is noted for its occasional dietary needs. Though capable and willing to eat any foods and drinks they do have a requirement for blood. Human blood is considered to be the preferred blood, though they can make do, for a period of time with any mammalian blood. Vampires are considerably stronger than humans, and are able to develop wing structures from their back. The quick healing properties of the vampire allows the wounds from the wings coming out of their back and most other superficial wounds to heal very quickly, and major injuries to heal over a period of time. An injury that would be fatal to a human, may only be an inconvenience for a vampire. A vampire can be killed though the destruction of the brain or by dissection. They are not known for having any substantial arcane abilities


The furry species resemble anthropomorphic animals and generally have an intelligence similar to that of humans and in some cases superior. Different animal species represented by the furry gives that furry its own particular abilities, including enhanced eyesight, hearing or physical prowess. Different species also have their own dietary needs, from herbivores to carnivores and of course omnivores. They also have a similar mortality to humans and do not generally possess any arcane abilities.


The werewolf is akin to vampires in having special dietary needs, they need raw meat, the bloodier the better. Human is preferred but they can make do with beef, lamb, and pork...for awhile. Different from Furry Wolfs in that they are more "wild". In control of themselves, yes, but have that human tendency for needless violence. Their natural shape is the man/wolf yet their arcane abilities allow them to shape shift into a pure wolf form. They can be killed by decapitation, vivisection, or destruction of the heart. In the ILE, they are assigned to handlers. These "Canine-units" are used for various tasks, some being similar to "sniffer" dogs as well as guard dogs. Werewolves are kept "dumb" by careful watch of their breeding. Those that show more then the alloted intelligence are quickly killed off because they tend to be more violent and more uncontrollable. Though some are known to slip through.


Many subspecies exist in the demonic species, from Imps and Incubi to Angels and Cherubs Some of which are listed here


One of the more delicate groups of Demons, they are female demons that are sustained by the souls of the sexually aroused. Not known for violence, they use various techniques to create a high level of arousal in their prey, ranging from feigned innocence, to filling the air with pheromones. Like all demons, and vampires, they have wings that can sprout from the back and the ability to take flight. They also have a tail and horns which they can make transparent when on the prowl. Arcane abilities among succubi seem to consist of creating illusions of their appearance, though other abilities have been reported.


The male version of Succubi. They also are sustained by the souls of the sexually aroused, and are quite alluring. They have yet to make an appearance in Blood Bound.


Deities are humans and non humans that are gifted with unusually high arcane abilities. They are born to their species in the normal way, but their abilities manifest upon reaching physical maturity. At this time the normal lifespan increases and the aging process slows down to such an extent that they are seen by many as being immortal. Previously religions had been formed around them and they openly practiced their abilities in order to keep control of warring factions both inter and infa species. However in modern times they are often mistaken for normal creatures or humans and often control individual inhuman counsels from within.

Known Deities


Honored as the mother of vampires, Lilith was a deity of them. Born of a Succubi mother who became pregnant to a human male during the human iron age she was an only child for 8 years. Then her younger sister Veena was born. From the beginning there was friction between the sisters, as Veena was born of a coupling between Incubi and Succubi, and therefor was not "Half Blood". At coming of age Liliths deity gifts emerged and she left her home and met a Human Deity called Adam. This relationship didn't last long and she discoved he had met another Deity and abandoned her. Thus she started to gather other vampires into a group, which formed into a cult surrounding her. As her infulence spread among vampires her hatred towards her sister and Adam manifested in the group (that grew to encompase the entire new species). The vampires became dangerous to all other species and placed an impossible problem for the other deities. In the end she was captured and bound and 4 Deitys, Human, Cubi, Angel and an Hecatonchire. This group included Adam and Veena. Lilith was terminated and her influence over her vampires wained, Her cult became an institution and shes is often thought of as a myth