Comic:Corner Alley 13

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Corner Alley 13
Artist: Emily Ryan
Updates: Mondays and Thursdays
Began: August 4, 2003
Art style: Manga
Rating: Web-PG
Website Website

One day, in a time and world very much like our own, an incident involving dwarves, who no-one civilized knew existed, starts an avalanche of unwanted non-Human immigration.


The modern-day world has very suddenly become overrun by non-Humans (the technical term for mythical creatures). One of them is Noelle Manchi'des. She is an elf, but she'd rather be Human. Her ultimate goal is to fit into society, but alas, she is plagued by freeloaders of an unsavoury sort: Dwarves, faeries and goodness-knows-whats.


First page:

Possible beginning (for art-critics) at Part 3: