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Japanese names are surname first. Usaginari and Sucran names follow the Western convention of surname last.

Satou Tsugumi/Creamy Beamy

The lost princess of the planet Sucra, raised on Earth as a human. She has the power to transform into her "true" self, Creamy Beamy, while under the influence of Sucran royal jelly.

Wataame Yukiri

Tsugumi's closest friend. A junior paranormal investigator who's interested in alien life, she's unaware of her friend's extraterrestrial origins.

Banana Bazooka

Vanilla Bazooka

X. Hoshibana

Planet Guide


A moon made of cake, with an ecosystem composed almost entirely of sweets. For the last fifteen years, it's been under the control of the planet Usaginar.


The planet orbited by Sucra, a large, savage world which has invaded and colonially occupied its tiny satellite.

Sarukiki III (Earth)

Home planet of the humans. Due to years of beaming out TV and radio shows in which aliens aren't making contact with earth because it's too primitive, Earth is currently ranked as too primitive for contact. This rule is broken pretty regularly, though.

Vulpin IV

The 24-hour news planet. Currently being torn apart by ecological disasters.