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Legostar Glactica
Artist: D. M. Jeftinija
Writer: D. M. Jeftinija
Characters: Bob Smith, Marty Jasper, Belinda Reines, Shauna Finelli...
Updates: Weekdays
Began: August 25th, 2002
Ended: n/a
Art style: 4 panel strip
Rating: Web-13
Website Website


Legostar Galactica follows the adventures of the crew of the starship Muffin. It attempts to incorporate humor from a wide variety of sources, though most notably any science fiction show, movie, or book it can poke fun at.


Knowledge of a variety of science fiction and fantasy shows, movies, and literature is helpful but not necessary. The comic attempts to find humor which is excessible to a wide fan base by incorporating funny situations into the science fiction though it does make a great many references it attemps to make so many that a person reading the comic is bound to get at least one of them. Some references are so obscure it's likely one or a few people will ever get it, but then that's part of the fun.

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Accomplishments so far

  • has been in the top 25 of comicgen comics for over a year now
  • 3 and a half years, five days a week, haven't missed an update yet
  • Referenced in Wikipedia, due to Ensign Redshirt, and didn't put the reference up himself