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Reckless Youth
Fig 1. Claude Versus the Birdmonster
Artist: Ryclaude and guests
Writer: Ryclaude and guests
Characters: Claude, Joey, Pom, Homer, Lucy, Lil' Jim, Joe Jenson,And at least 20 more
Updates: Tuesdays Thursdays, Sundays
Began: November 25th, 2003
Art style: Animation cell
Rating: Web-14
Website Website

The greatest thing RYClaude has ever done, Reckless Youth follows the adventures of Claude as a potential Messiah, his bearded Midget Double, Chibi Claude. It is very hard to summarise as many people have discovered.

There has never been a walrus in Reckless Youth

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What the peasants are saying

"Not bad, not great but nowhere near as clever or original as it thinks it is. Read it once and then never again." - Donny (jerk)

"Reckless Youth is an ambitious comic, and one of the few that manages to get the mix of action and comedy right…" - RJ Astruc (Bribed)

"GOD DAMN THIS IS SOME GOOD SHIT YO!" - Keon Brown (Good Dawg)

"what the hell is with that top hatted guy who lasers claude? it got a laugh out of me. A rare occurance." - War (wowza!)

"I wish I could draw like Claude" - The Neko (Out of context)

"Claude is someone I just can't envy. His style is so good, that if I envied it...I'd learn to hate him... and I can't do that. Claude's just too awesome." - TdotOdot2k (Ego padding!)

"A delightful comic with a dry sense of humor and hints of oak, cherry, and chibi. Goes well with red meats."- Laemkral (Too much wine)

What is?

Reckless Youth started in November of 2003, the original concept is perhaps dated back to at least 2 years before that (It had an offline existence in two Ring binders, containing well over 300 comics). It was spat out of the remains of RYClaude's old superhero comics. The title means nothing. nothing at all. Well maybe something...

Who is?

Good lord, it's Claude
Claude is a bumbling idiot, who's life is filled with danger and excitement on account of him being a world saviour. It's in his job description to go about spreading enlightenment and peace while also beating the stuffing out of monsters who either dislike humanity or are taking their job of tormenting souls too far into the earthly realm. In this path he is assisted by his rather strange yet handy friends...
Pom, Freak of science

Dr. Joey, an underground gonzo scientist with a stereotypical passion for world domination and oddly familiar glasses. His brother, a deranged curly haired host to a mysterious creature named Jim. Morgan, a gun for hire with no visible eyeballs. Homer, Ever calm and strangely proficient at whatever he touches. Pom, Victim of an experiment gone awry. And Chibi Claude of the celestial host, Claude's Guide in the world of strange goings on.

Saving the world or just their own hides, Reckless Youths all.

Cept Chibi, he's like five hundred years old or something...

Why is?

Why the hell not?

Where is?

Camden Town, cesspool of London, though not the worst place to live does seem to be full of disreputable types such as goths, punks, drunks, druggies and dealers. On every street, the stains of blood, the streaks of piss and the strains of Morrissey.

How is?

Pencil, dip pen, Scan it, Photoshop, post.

Add about 3 hours whining between each of those stages.