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The 6 GUYS In My Head
Artist: Brian Malerich
Christian Carrera (coloring from 1/1/05 to 9/10/05)
Writer: Brian Malerich
Characters: Captain Head (Intelligence)
Mr. Greed (Libido)
Ms. Spirit (Conscience)
Ms. Freeform (Imagination and Creativity)
Mr. Recall (Memory)
Mr. Nerve (Mind-Body Liaison)
Updates: Saturdays
Began: September 6, 2003
Art style: Minimalist
Rating: Web-14
Website Website

The 6 GUYS In My Head is a weekly 8-panel comic strip by Brian Malerich. It was once found at, but the URL has now changed to (and I really want to buy, too).


  • Updates: Just about every Saturday. I work so far ahead, other artists hate me, so when I have to upload something other than a full-page comic, I'm in trouble.
  • Helpers: Christian Carrera started doing the shaded character fills in January 2005. I also stopped using raster cut-and-paste (Windows Paint) and started using vector cut-and-paste (Inkscape)
  • Hiatuses: One in April 2005 - I took a new job in another state. Big life-changer.


  • Dilbert by Scott Adams
  • Ozy & Drix, the half-hour TV version of the movie Osmosis Jones
  • The War Room scene from Dr. Strangelove
  • My senior design project (4 engineering students all arguing about what to do next)

Also see: The Peanuts strip from Feb. 5, 1978 (found in PEANUTS: A Golden Celebration), where Snoopy is taking a run and his body parts are complaining to each other.

About the Author

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