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The Mansion of E
Artist: Robert M. Cook
Writer: Robert M. Cook
Characters: Rosemary Ripley, Sylvester, Mortimer, Comshaw, Camora, Niddle
Updates: Daily
Began: July 16, 2003
Ended: never
Art style: 2D computer-generated
Rating: PG
Website Website


NOTE: A much larger and more active fan-run wiki for The Mansion of E can be found HERE

The Mansion of E is a daily fantasy strip with an ongoing plot centered around the titular structure, a enormous vaguely cactus-shaped ediface perched on a rocky cliff high over a Specific Ocean. Beyond the mansion's crumbling outer wall stretches a ruin-filled forest which is dominated by a tall slender structure called The Spike. Beneath it all, tunnels and passageways of every variety wind their way down deep into the earth, all the way to the Hot Zone. These days, the mansion proper is only sparsely populated with its official human inhabitants, but both the forest and the "basement" teem with various other (sentient and mostly humaniod) species. One of the most common are the Gnolls, a short spindley race of gray bipeds who more than make up for their lack of physical power with their mental gifts. Beyond the forest lies first a human-populated village and then an entire nation, but at the moment that is all literally an background detail.

Exactly why the Mansion has the name it does has not yet been revealed.


  • Rosemary Ripley: A wandering heroine who arrived abruptly and unannounced at the Mansion from her home in the far west of the Nameless Country, and set off a chain reaction of events which is rapidly upsetting the established order. She is strong, brave, fairly intelligent and moderately noble. And impulsive. And she has questionable taste in hats.
  • Sylvester: The 23rd Earl of E, and technically the Mansion's owner, he is essentially a well-meaning twit. He is however not totally lacking in intelligence and courage, and he and Rosemary are proving to be a fairly effective adventuring team as they explore the basement together.
  • Mortimer: Sylvester's younger brother. A friendly, cheerful, slacker who tends to attract more than his fair share of trouble, both for himself and those around him.
  • Comshaw: A highly competent Gnoll who makes his living as a 'poker', which might, in another time and place, also be called a detective.
  • Camora: Comshaw's mate, a Gnoll of forceful personality and excellent breeding who is very used to getting her own way.
  • Niddle: A rather naive and spacey Gnoll who sleeps under Comshaw and Camora's metaphorical roof and performs the tasks of a 'finagler', whatever that may prove to be.
  • Great-Uncle Frederick: Sylvester and Mortimer's elderly relative, who has displayed an interest in large bladed weapons. He shares his bed with a multi-talented individual who is at the moment very much a Woman of Mystery.
  • Many, many more.


Robert Cook is a balding slacker who lives in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. He creates The Mansion of E entirely on his computer.