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The Office Bitch
Artist: Picklejuice
Writer: Picklejuice
Characters: Toby, Frank, Penny, Kevin
Updates: Wednesday, Friday
Began: January 1, 2003
Ended: Ongoing
Art style: Infinite Canvas
Rating: NC-17
Website [[1] Website]

The Office Bitch is a graphic Adult (NC-17) that follows a hapless office worker "Toby" as he slowly changes into a dog.


"Disclaimer: This site contains very adult situations. Do not go there unless you are over 18 and are prepared to witness mature sexual situations involving domination, submisison, transformation, and nudity.


Toby becomes both sides of the 'bitch' moniker: the bitch everyone slaps around and gets to do the crap work, and the bitchy boss who messes with you for no good reason. At first, Toby changes every time Frank disapproves of his work. Then, Toby finds a new power. He can change others by calling them names like 'rat', 'owl', and 'doll'.


Part 1: "Tobias 'Toby' Houndin, Office Bitch."

Ch. 1 : "Losing his hands." 1 - 18
Toby is called to Frank's office. Frank had given Toby a tie. It turns into a dog collar, and Frank strips Toby of his shirt, watch, and glasses. Frank expresses an intense hate for Toby.

Ch. 2 : "Kicked around." 19 - 38
Half naked, Toby continues to work in a haze of incompetence. He can't do anything right, and nodoby's helping him with his 'I've been transformed into a half human creature' issues.

Ch. 3 : "Penny and Punishment" 39 - 60
Penny lures Toby and seduces him. Frank catches them in the act, and as punishment, changes Toby again, forcing him to all fours.

Ch. 4 : "Walking the Bitch" 61 - 80
Toby is kicked around some more by his co-workers, and needs to go out for walkies. He is seen in public, and for this transgression, Frank changes him again, and he's more than half transformed into a dog now. He has a dog's muzzle, ears, hands, tail, and a lot of fur.

Ch. 5 : "Kevin the Rat" 81 - 96
Toby meets Kevin in the bathroom, and discovers he's not the first to change. Kevin shrinks and dwindles into a rat in front of him, and Toby is punished, transformed even more. Ultimately, however, Frank takes Toby's last human clothes from him, leaving him naked in the office.

Ch. 6 : "A Day in the Life of The Office Bitch" 97 - 117
A typical day in the life of Toby - following the 6 stages of grief. That's right, I said 6 stages. Toby can't do anything right, even when he disobeys: When Penny corners him again, they go at it... but Toby inadvertantly transforms her like he did to Kevin. Frank doesn't punish him right away.

Ch. 7 : "Defining a Bitch" 118 - 134
Toby can barely function, mostly transformed into a dog. Still, he tries. Stymied by Frank earlier, an employee decides to give Toby a hand with something that's been bothering him. Unfortunately, this reveals a transformation Toby wasn't aware of. The last time he was changed, Toby grew a vagina. Toby snaps, and challenges Frank. The results of this fight were mixed.

Part 2: "Toby's Revenge"

Ch. 1 : "Shysters" 135 - 181
Toby discovers he can change people by calling them animal-like names, like night "owl", male chauvinist "pig", a "doll", "raccoon" eyes and a "pussy." Frank catches wind, and his hate grows so much, he wants to fire the Bitch. Results from *this* fight are also mixed. Comic switches from lineart (/////////) to greyscale filling (%%%%%%%%%) in the middle of the "doll" transformation.

Ch. 2 : "Bitching as motivation" 182 - 228
Toby is now in charge of office motivation. Her mission statement? "Things are gonna change around here!"

Ch. 3 : "Dragonlady" 229 - 270
Toby experiments with George, naming him "Dragonlady." The comic follows George as he deals with transforming into a shedragon... and the problems that poses for his gay relationhip with Dirk.

Ch. 4 : "Upper Management meeting" 271 - 277
Shawn and Helen, two con men, try to fix the transforming epidemic, and fail...

Ch. 5 : "Afternoon Studs" 278 - 304
Toby notices that the office is fairly empty. Everyone she's transformed is missing. She hears voices of a few human people left, bursts in on them, and turns them all into studs.

Ch. 6 : "Upper Management meeting" 305 - present
Frank confronts Toby about the horses...

Ch. 7 : "Fired"

Part 3 : "Market Research"

Chapter 1: The New Bitch


Major characters

Character Age Appearance Bio/description
Tobias "Toby" Houndin - Human 24 Male, brown hair, brown eyes. 5'8", 150 lbs, kinda skinny Just a normal guy who can't catch a break
Toby - Office Bitch 18 Female, brown fur, white belly, 5' 5", 150 lbs, nicely padded breasts and ass Mad with power, taking revenge on those who once wronged her.
Frank 35 Male, blonde hair, blue eyes, 5' 11", 225 lbs (all muscle) Hates Toby, and can't stand poor performance
Penny - Human 21 Female, brunette hair, 5'5", 190 lbs, strong for her size Obsessed with Toby and his changes

Minor characters

Character Age Appearance Bio/description
Kevin 25 Tan hair, 5'7" Changes to a rat
Jerud 23 Red hair, 5'7" Always staying late, Toby accuses him of being a night owl
Rob 28 Male, black hair, blue eyes, 5' 11", 180 lbs Is changed for being a male chauvinist pig
Deadre 31 Femle, blonde hair, blue eyes, 5' 11", Is shrunk into a doll
Bernice 28 Female, dark hair, blue eyes, 5' 5", 125 lbs Has racoon eyes
Harold 39 Male, dark brown hair, blue eyes, 5' 11", 200 lbs Changes into a pussy cat
Old Man 55 Male, blonde hair, blue eyes, 5' 11", 210 lbs Changes into a Goat
Copy guy 26 Male, blonde hair, blue eyes, 5' 11", 130 lbs Changes into a [ Worm
Mandy 18 Female, blonde hair, blue eyes, 5' 11", 200 lbs Changes into a Little Bitch
French guy 26 Male, Dark hair, blue eyes, 5' 11", 200 lbs Changes into a Cow
Random Sychophant 28 Male, blonde hair, blue eyes, 5' 11", 201 lbs Changes into a Toady
Random happy bald guy 55 Male, black hair, blue eyes, 5' 11", 200 lbs Changes into a Dodo
Random joke teller 24 Male, red hair, blue eyes, 5' 4", 160 lbs Changes into a Hyena
George 35 Male, blonde hair, blue eyes, 5' 9", 170 lbs Changes into a Dragonlady
Dirk 31 Male, bald, brown eyes, 5' 10", 210 lbs Is in a relationship with George
White haired guy 35 Male, white hair, green eyes, 5' 10", 200 lbs Changes into a Stud
Young looking guy 22 Male, brown hair, blue eyes, 5' 8", 150 lbs Changes into a Stud
Dark goatee guy 31 Male, dark hair, dark eyes, 5' 11", 210 lbs Changes into a Stud
Random woman 23 Female, dark hair, dark eyes, 5' 6", 150 lbs Changes into a Mousey mouse


The Office Bitch grew directly out of my frustrations working in the computer ops department of a bank.