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Description of Nanda

Nanda's been around the block a few times, "a worldly lady" if you will. She's mostly sweet, occassionally aggressive, and tends to define herself through her relationships. She's also a bit crazy at times, but that may have a lot to do with her current connection to Stinkywigfiddle. She doesn't mean any harm, but she ends up in a lot of trouble most of the time anyway.

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Full Body Pics

History in Jams

  • Keen Reality
    • Dated Rkolter, but broke up after accidentally sleeping with his evil twin.
    • Ran around a bit with Steverules, became increasingly violent as a result.
    • Plotted with Corgan Dane to get rid of Grace, who kept "distracting" Steve.
    • Rescued by Corgan after nearly having her legs cut off by Dr. Therapy.
    • Had a very quick affair in the bushes with Pyro.
    • Took Corgan to her cave, where she introduced "Coconut Steve," and it was discovered that she'd finally gone completely insane. Corgan hit her on the head with a rock.
    • Was accidentally split into two different bodies, Evil-Steve-loving Nanda, and Good-Corgan-loving Nanda. Was melded back together when the aliens teleported the island back to the Keenreality house.
    • Decided she was through with relationships, and for her next roommate, sought out the person she was least likely to have sex with, Stinkywigfiddle.
    • Had sex with Stinkywigfiddle.
    • Found out she was pregnant not long after.
    • Went searching for Stinky after he ran away. Found him at a nearby hotel and reconciled.
    • Was kidnapped by the shadowy boss behind Keenreality, who planned to take her baby and put it in a monkey.
    • Was rescued by Kris X, then returned to confront the boss of Keenreality, who by then was Sortelli.
    • Had her baby, a little girl named "Oopsie."
    • Had some trouble when Stinky was possessed by Steverules.
  • Drunk Duck War
    • Slept through it.
  • Carnival Jam
    • Performed as "The Human Snake," a contortionist act.
  • Medieval Jam
    • Waited in a tower to be rescued by Don Stinkote, who had no idea she existed.
    • Joined Linkara's quest, carrying Don Stinkote on her back.

Character Analysis (for Jams and fun-poking)

Stat Box
Fighting Ability Nanda's tougher than she looks. Occassionally, she's been a bat-weilding maniac.
Sexual Deviancy She's a bit...promiscuous, there's no doubt. Ask anyone who's seen the infamous Stinky/Nanda porn from Keenreality season 5.
Relationships Ex-boyfriends - rkolter, Steverules,Corgan_dane, and Coconut Steve.

One night stands - Pyro, Evil Abol

Nanda finally settled down after being knocked-up by resident crazy man, Stinkywigfiddle. They had a daughter named "Oopsie."

Notable Skills Thanks to her brief obsession with Steverules, Nanda can take a punch and swing a baseball bat like a pro. She's also a contortionist.
Physical Details Painfully skinny, and kinda short, but she's surprisingly strong, and extremely felxible.