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n00b slaves, contrary to popular belief, are the newcomers to the Keenspace chat who are promptly sold into slavery to a regular in the chat room. It is a system of hazing and introduction to the wacky world most people come to know as the Keenspace chat. A system used in jest, often the basis of numerous jokes. Very little people know this system's true beginnings as a way to get rid of n00bs.


The original creators of the n00b slave system are Teammayhem and StinkyWigFiddle, both regulars to the room. Originally contrived as a ways and means to pull a prank with newcomers to the chat (as well as getting rid of them by creeping them out... we can do that sometimes), the system eventually stuck once the first newcomer actually started coming back over and over, thus solidifying the prank into an actual system. The actual number of prank victims is unknown (the exact number varies by account, but it is believed to be higher than five), but the first slave is believed to be Pikhq. The system has fallen, but Stinky can still be found telling Pikhq to slap himself.


  1. Follow your owners
  2. The n00b could be a regular to the forums, but in the chat, he/she is a n00b. Plain and simple.
  3. Owners have no limit to the number of slaves they can own.
  4. Owners can free their slave at their own will, unless it is the general consensus of the chat the slave has truly become a regular.

Slave List (Totally out of date!)

  1. noxmeansxno (Teammayhem)
  2. G-Lode (Nanda)
  3. Magic Kitsune ((Teammayhem)
  4. Rock_dash (Nanda)
  5. BrownEyedCat (Pikhq)
  6. sincerely (Teammayhem)