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RYClaude, his butler(teaboy) and his faithful lackeys. And any apparent floozy he happens to be bedding at the present moment.

An organised gang of sorts, they are a well connected establishment that wields a significant amount of power, much to the vexation of their arch-rivals, the House of Legostar.

Until its very recent destruction, they all lived together with his long lost brother, his freeloading sister and her pet in Claude Manor, home of the Claudes for over 6 centuries.



The Lackeys of RYClaude are legendary and known across the land. Faceless of course was the first lackey and remained Lackey Prime and Teaboy to the house of Claude until his recent disappearance. Newer members, while not carrying his seniority, have access to a wide range of awesome privileges.

Due to recent losses, the house of Claude is short three staff members: Faceless, Corgan Dane and Avatar007. Interested in a life of adventure as a lackey?

Awesome privileges

  • A choice of white chocolate and Raspberry muffins or shortbread in the cafeteria each day.
  • Participation in battles to the death trying to obtain the records Claude lent to Legostar when they shared an apartment and never got back.
  • Access to stately Claude manor and the surrounding grounds.
  • A range of Teas produced by Tea experts in the field of Tea.
  • 10 books about Claude every month for the low low price of one dollar.


  • Rock - Chief Librarian, wielding sword and book for the honor of Claude House
  • Almighty Pyro - Chimney sweep and Window Cleaner, indispensable in the 1800's, indispensable now
  • BrownEyedCat - Security, Deputy to Corgan Dane in charge of checking all incoming packages. With a mallet.
  • Sincerely-Head Gardener
  • Team Mayhem - Gardener
  • Phactorri - Little known robotic butler
  • Tynan - Masterful part time chef constantly afeared of Emu attacks.


  • Faceless - Butler, Awesometastic Teamaster and Claude's successor
  • Corgan Dane - Head of Security, handling matters of outrage with utmost precaution.
  • Avatar007 - Penguin


Note: There ought be a Claude family tree somewhere here.