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"The List", in short, is the list of all the serious relationships different ComicGenesis members have with each other in the real world (Yes, there is a real world).

Some have speculated that the sudden increase in romance among the CG community is in fact an elaborate plot to breed a new superhuman race of super-hawt people.



Long-term Relationships (More than a year)


Alleged relationships

  • Rock Dash and You_Dont_Know_Me - other theories include that Rock and YDKM are the same person, or that YDKM is just a jerk.
  • ManKirb and Chibi
  • Toxic and Alaina: would sneak into private IRC chats and walk out twenty minutes later looking like they had just gotten dressed in the dark.

Previous Relationships

A few too many backrubs

Bemused and sometimes outraged about the whole thing

Big Stinky Hypocrite

  • RYClaude (Or maybe not, but really who cares at this point)

Secretly Illicit Love Affair