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The Comic Genesis NewsBox (NewHack) by Phalanx

You've seen it on various sites, that box advertising all those comics. You've wondered how you can get one you own comic up on it. You've wondered how you can display it on your site...

Yes, you know you want it. But how to get in on the fun?

Putting the Newsbox on your page

This part is simple... You simply put the keentag ***newsbox*** anywhere on your page, run an update, and it shows up.

The ***newsbox*** keentag will be replaced with a 150px wide, 300px tall iFrame that will display the submitted images (see below).

Getting your comic in the Newsbox

  • Prepare a newsbox image for your comic. It can be a JPEG, GIF or PNG, but the dimensions must be exactly 150 x 300 pixels.
  • If the image size is not exactly 150x300, the image will not show up.
  • Also, keep in mind that the images size shouldn't be too big. It's tempting to have an entire movie with those GIF images, I know, but I'd recommend keeping it around 40kb or below. Keep in mind some people don't have fast connections, and a single comic is read in less than a minute. You don't want them to have finished reading the comic and moved on before your newsbox image has had time to load.
  • Log in to SiteAdmin and go to your comic.
  • Click on "Comic Name" Promo/Banner/Newsbox/Pog/Chan images.
  • At the bottom of the page you will see a box with a button marked "Browse" next to it. Click that button, find the image you created on your computer, click OK then click Send File. This will upload the Newsbox image to the server.
  • You should new see your newsbox image in the Image column, "No" in the Approved for use column and the date in the Upload/Approval date column.
  • Your image will now sit there until it is approved by a staff member. This might take a few days, it may take a few weeks. Once it is approved, the "No" will change to a "Yes" and your newsbox image will be in circulation.
  • That should be all you need to make your newsbox work

Note: You should always have your Newsbox prominently on your MAIN comic page. (That means having the tag in the indextemplate.html file)

Important note about functionality: If you create a newsbox image and upload it but do not have the ***newsbox*** Keentag on your site, then your newsbox image will not be shown. Part of the functionality of the ***newsbox*** tag is to tell the server that your comic has updated. Only comics that have updated in the previous seven days have their newsbox images displayed, so if the server does not know you've updated, it won't show your newsbox image.